Monday, June 16

Finland Gets an Ugly New Presidential Yacht

It is in today's Finnish news that the President of Finland took possession of the New Presidential yacht. My first impression is that the yacht is about as ugly as they come. Really, this thing looks hideous.

These photos were found at the Finnish Talous Sanomat story here.
Tarja Halonen, the Finnish president, on Monday took delivery of Kultaranta VIII, the new presidential yacht, at a shipyard in Uusikaupunki.

The 19-metre aluminium-hulled vessel has wood fittings and large windows. Like previous presidential yachts, she is to be operated by the Finnish Navy.

The cost of the yacht is about two million euros.

Kultaranta VII was decommissioned after 22 years of service.

The presidential yachts are named after the president's summer seaside residence. - NewsRoom Finland
Just because the yacht is operated by the Finnish Navy, doesn't mean that it has to be painted Gray.

The name of the yacht is KULTARANTA VIII which translates into GOLD COAST VIII. I think the name is good for a private yacht but seeing as Finland is a 'Social Welfare' State, the Government should be ashamed for wasting a couple million Euros on this yacht, but since they did, perhaps they should think of renaming it ARVANLISÄVERO 22 after the Finnish Value Added (sales) tax of 22 percent for most items purchased in Finland. I'm wondering what sort of example the President is setting with such an elitist accessory for a country that prides itself on punishing the rich and rewarding the poor, especially when there is not enough money for the social projects. (I bet this thing is powered with tax-free fuel. Yet another example of double standard in a country where the price of fuel is approaching $8 a gallon, of which about 70% is tax.)

You can find more pictures posted on the Aamulehti site here.

You can view video of the yacht inside and out here. (It is in Finnish, but you can ignore the commentary.)

Finnish president takes delivery of new yacht - NewsRoom Finland
arvonlisävero - Wiktionary


Peter A. Mello said...

Add power to money as things that when held in quantity don't help improve taste. Seems that we don't have a lock on wasteful government spending either.

Anonymous said...

I like the look. It´s like a mix of 1950 wood boat and a 2008 Volvo car (back). White colour would been better.

Anonymous said...

The name is "Kultaranta VIII" as it's the tender used to ferry people from Kultaranta, the name of the President's summer villa. No drama there.