Wednesday, December 16

Helsinki City Rental Apartment - Photos

Here are some photos of our rental apartment for this week. We lucked out and found something right downtown. As a bonus, the apartment is much larger than the one we had last time.

(Living Room)



(The view)

That is the national museum out the window. Yes, I am checking Instapundit to see what I have been missing while traveling the last day.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, I might be moving to Finland on a 6-9 month assignment, and probably have to find a rental. Any assistance? like agent or web site. I'd like something downtown by the trains

thanks, any help would be great

Fred Fry said...

Well the internet is a good place to check for Helisnki Rental apartments. If you want specific sites send me an email.

vijju said...

This apartment is very good. I will be moving to Finland soon and i am family of four (with two kids included). I am looking for an apartment similar to the one of pics posted. What is the right/good way to go about this? Your help is highly appreciated. It will be great if you can drop a note at