Sunday, December 27

Tampere Storage Space - Photo

So, what are we doing on our vacation to Finland? Well, last evening and most of today were spent cleaning out our storage space.

We have been storing stuff here with the expectation that we would be shortly moving back from the US. However, we have now reached a point where we are pretty certain that we are not going to move back anytime soon. Simply put we will lose too much money in that it would be very difficult to get a similar salary, taxes are much higher and everything is more expensive here. So, as much as it costs to visit, it is much less than we would love if we moved back. And this is despite the Euro being so strong.

As a bonus, we will not be spending money this year on a storage space. The low dollar exchange has made this space pretty expensive. So even if it costs us a couple hundred to ship what we want back, we are still coming out ahead. And if it turns out that we are 'feeding the recession' by not spending the money saved, so be it.

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