Sunday, December 27

Finnish Moose Stand - Photos

For a couple trips now I have been searching for sight of a moose. When living here I only managed to see them three times; each time while in the car where they were on the side of the road. Also, I once saw them at the airport where there was a whole herd at the fence. I was really pissed that time as it was basically the only time I did not have my camera ready in-hand. Normally it is too dark to get a picture of them.

This last trip I was told about how hunters build moose stands in the woods to spot moose. Since it was a quiet day (not unusual in the countryside) we went out to go search for one. Here are the photos.

This one was not that all. I think instead of improving the hunter's range of vision, it is better to protect the hunter from a pissed-off moose.

Back in March my brother-in-law had mentioned that an enterprising Finn had started a business charging thousands of dollars, arranging for Japanese tourists to come and sit on a moose tower and 'mököttää' which means to sulk. Me, I got to sit on the stand for free. Anly the Japanese would pay to do something so stupid.

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