Friday, December 11

Canada: Stalin = Hitler

On the heels of Europe declaring that Stalin was as big a murderous bastard as Hitler comes Canadian Liberals calling to take the same position:
Liberal MPs Pass Motion To Mark August 23rd As Black Ribbon Day


OTTAWA - Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic, the Hon. Bob Rae, passed a unanimous Resolution in Parliament today to commemorate the victims of Europe's totalitarian regimes.

"Millions of Canadians of Eastern and Central European descent whose families have been directly affected by either Nazi or Communist crimes have made unique and significant, cultural, economic, social and other contributions to help build the Canada we know today," said Mr. Rae. "We must unequivocally condemn the crimes against humanity committed by totalitarian Nazi and Communist regimes and offer the victims of these crimes and their family members' sympathy, understanding and recognition for their suffering.

"Every victim of any totalitarian regime has the same human dignity and deserves justice, remembrance and recognition by the Parliament and the Government of Canada."

Twenty years after the fall of the totalitarian Communist regimes in Europe, knowledge among Canadians about these regimes, which terrorised their fellow citizens in Central and Eastern Europe for more than 40 years, is still alarmingly superficial and inadequate.

This annual day of remembrance is to be held on August 23rd to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact between the Nazi and Soviet Communist regimes.

"Called Black Ribbon Day, the establishment of this Day of Remembrance on August 23rd will show Canadians and those around the world that Canada will not stand for crimes against humanity, and we will be counted among those who stand up for victims of systematic and ruthless abuse.

"Canadians must not allow these crimes to go misunderstood and unrecognized." -
Lets see if the Canadian Government makes this resolution official.

Where is the US on this matter? I have written before that Russia needs to go through what Nazi Germany went through at the end of WWII with an investigation to the crimes of Communism. (Click the 'Soviet Union' tag to find the relevant posts.) Since it has not happened we have to deal with Russia acting like a bully all across Europe as well as having to deal with ongoing admiration for the Soviet Union and even for Stalin himself. This is mad.

One way to get the ball rolling might be for an investigation into US actions or better put American inaction in fighting Soviet crimes going back to the 1930's. For starters, it would be nice to see an investigation into Why the US State Department did nothing to help Americans trapped in the Soviet Union get back to the US, knowing that those going into the Embassy were being picked up as they came out and set to the Gulag, many never to return. This went on for decades.

Take a look at the US State Department's Freedom of Information Act 'Reading Room' list of Topics. 'Communism' and 'Soviet Union' are not even listed. Doing a search for relevant documents does not bring up much interesting information either.

So, what are they hiding? My guess is lots.
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