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Nazism/Stalinism Remembrance Day - 23 August

Earlier this year, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has come out and condemned both Nazism and Stalinism as being equally bad:
OSCE condemnes both Nazism and Stalinism

05.07.2009 - On Friday the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly passed a resolution that equates the Nazi regime with Soviet Stalinism. The resolution, titled “Reunification of divided Europe” and put forward by Lithuania and Slovenia, states that Europe has suffered from two totalitarian regimes: the Nazi and the Stalinist. Both brought about genocide and crimes against humanity. For a final and Europe-wide condemnation of totalitarianism, the OSCE resolution offered to set a Nazism/Stalinism remembrance day on August 23 . On 23. August 1939 Europe-dividing Molotov-Ribbentrop was signed by Germany and Soviet Union, dividing Europe between two dictators and paving way to the start of II World War. The resolution states so that both Stalin and Hitler were responsible for the start of this most devastating war. I can only agree to this point of view. - CommunistCrimes.Org
This resolution called for today, 23 August, the anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, to be a day of Remembrance of all the victims of Hitler and Stalin.

As you can imagine, the Russians were not amused, and responded in typical fashion by threatening Europe:
MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian lawmakers threatened the OSCE with "harsh" consequences on Saturday after the European security body's parliamentary arm condemned both Stalinism and fascism for starting World War Two.

Russia's delegates stormed out of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's annual parliamentary meeting after members passed the resolution, drafted by a delegate from the host nation Lithuania, a former Soviet satellite.

"This is nothing but an attempt to re-write the history of World War Two," Konstantin Kosachyov, who heads the foreign relations committee of Russia's lower house of parliament, told Interfax news agency.

"The reaction of the parliament to this document will be immediate and it will be harsh." - CommunistCrimes.Org
The Russian's response back home to questions about Russia's actions during World War II has been to criminalize the discussion of how Russia enslaved Eastern Europe at the end of the war.

Along with the calls to remember the victims of the joining of Nazism and Stalinism on this August 23rd, this his whole issue is yet another reminder that Russia has yet to go through an accounting of the Crimes of the Soviet Union like Nazi Germany went through. It is good that Europe has made this step. However, until Russia makes an honest accounting of it's Soviet past, we will not see any change in Russia's current behavior.


Here is one image from the book 'RED primer for children and diplomats':

In 1939 a wonderful opportunity for world peace came from the most unexpected source. Although the Soviets opposed Fascist dictatorship and imperialism, they saw a means which could be used to further the ultimate triumph of the Communist brand of Socialism. A mutual non-aggression agreement was made with Hitler.

Hitler invaded Poland and the Soviets moved in to prevent the Nazis from taking over the whole country. The Soviets murdered some 11,000 Polish officers and intellectuals at Katyn Forest and peace and order were established in Poland, for a while. - Link
The Soviet Union was busy killing people well before Stalin made a deal with Hitler and was killing long after World War II. Here is a handy Desktop Wallpaper summarizing the 62 Million Deaths attributed to Soviet Rule:

You can find it here: The New American Myth

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