Wednesday, August 19

Corn is Food - Not Fuel

One of the great things about summer is the ability to have corn on the cob.

Corn is great, but there is no comparison to eating fresh corn right off the cob.

Which makes taking corn and turning it into ethanol fuel a huge tragedy and I dare say even a crime. We should not be turning corn into fuel or corn syrup either! We should be growing this corn for the benefit of the planet, especially those who live in constant hunger. (Or better yet, how about letting farmers plant other than grains out there...)

Now someone is going to point out that ethanol is not normally made from 'sweet corn' which is pictured above, but from 'dent corn'. During some debate a year or two ago, there was one congressman waving a cob of dent corn declaring that nobody eats it, so it is 'OK' to turn it into fuel. Well that is just B.S. For starters, cornmeal is made from dent corn and livestock eat dent corn. And when you start turning it into fuel, you now create a competing demand for the product resulting in increased prices all around. So in the end we are not saving any money, we are just shifting where we pay. This means that the price of ethanol made from corn does not reflect the true price of making it nor does the claimed benefits of reduced reliance on foreign sources of fuel reflect the other costs to society.

There is plenty of fuel in the US that can be used for fueling the country, if the Democrats will let us drill for it. Let's leave the corn for the dinner table.

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