Thursday, August 6

Whole Country (Except DC) Grades Congress a 'D'

The people we have running our Congress suck. For a change it is nice too see that the rest of the population, except for those nutcases living inside the DC beltway agree with me.

Now I am sure that some people are not happy with their work because Congress has not given them free health care and has not taxed energy to save the planet and so far has failed to stop Bush's wars or close GITMO.

But I suspect many more people are pissed off at Congress for their sharp movement to the left. After all, about 80 percent of the population already has some form of health care and can't be so happy about the whole system being turned upside down all in an attempt to give it to the other 20% (actually 17%). In Obama's world, this is just letting others 'share in your success' in having health care. Well, I think that only works when your are taking from the minority, which is not the case here.

It certainly can't help calling a good portion of the country 'paid protesters on behalf of the Republican Party.' Even normal citizens that disagree with the protesters know that that is not true. I am interested to see how that issue unfolds. As bad as Congress's ratings are above, I suspect that there is still some room for them to fall even further. (Be sure to go and vote!)

Bonus, the Media is being graded as poorly.

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