Wednesday, December 9

'Climategate' thought - How many times did they adjust each reading?

It seems that we are still only in chapter I in the ClimateGate saga. But one question has come across my mind.
How many times the climate scientists bothered to 'adjust' the data?
For starters, the climate lab in question claims not to have any raw data any longer because they have adjusted the temperature readings and then deleted the source data. OK fine, this explains why they adjusted the data. (Of course this comment ignores the quality of the adjustments for the moment)

However, it seems that they are adjusting the data at least a second time. Why? For what purpose? It seems that the adjustments are dynamic in that different adjustments are made for each year, if the leaked software code is to be believed.

This issue seems to be yet another area of this scandal that is very fishy to me.

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