Wednesday, December 3

"obama getting rid of contractors"

On 17 November I posted the following conversation that I overheard while walking past the elevators in my building:
Man 1: "We plan to get rid of all Government Contractors that are not Government employees"

Man 2: "Hey, that's us!"
I work in a building that has a Government Contractor as a tenant.

As I mentioned in my original post, I have no idea what the scope of the larger conversation was, such as if this was just concerning one Government project, one Governmental Department, or something being considered Government-wide. However, with Government contractors having the label as 'beltway bandits' I wonder if they might be on an Obama Administration's 'hit list'.

Today, one of this blog's visitors found my post by searching for 'obama getting rid of contractors'. That in itself does not mean much. The interesting part is that this search came from a person working behind a '' domain. (That's the United States Department of Justice.)

Was this just some personal googling during a break or did this person also hear something...

Obama's Bigger Government? - 17 Nov 2008

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davod said...

Big brother checking up on you?

Fred Fry said...

I would be worried if they were searching for 'Fred Fry'!!!