Tuesday, December 9

National Geographic Book Scam?

I have just asked National Geographic to remove my phone number from their calling list. This is because for the second time they have called asking me to confirm my mailing address as they are sending me a book for a free preview.

They didn't ask if I was interested in receiving a book for a free preview. Instead they told me that I was being sent the books. That was the first problem I had with the call.

The second problem is that they are playing this 'free-Preview - return if you don't like it' game. Some companies like to play this game because they expect that some people will simply pay for the books instead of bothering to return them, even if it is really easy to return them. And they did point out that they have made it easy. Sorry, but I don't care. This is a tactic used to make money taking advantage of the laziness (and forgetfulness) of some people and that is just wrong.

So I asked them to remove my phone number from their calling list. The operator on the phone was nice at all times as you would expect National Geographic to be. I was just so turned off by this offer that I was not interested in getting any more from them. I will also think twice about ordering anything from them as I suspect that it was an online order from their store where they got my phone number from.

Funny thing is that I am not currently a subscriber to their magazine. If they would have asked if I wanted to get a subscription I would have said yes. I used to get it and always enjoyed it.

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