Sunday, December 7

Vanity Fair BS "A New American Sweetheart! - TINA FEY"

Just got back from food shopping this morning and at the checkout I get confronted with this BS tabloid trash:
A New American Sweetheart!

- Vanity Fair, January 2009

I would hardly call this lady anything other than a woman who lucked out by looking like a real American sweetheart, Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.

Adding to the amusement is that the piece is written by Maureen Dowd. A reporter who knows absolutely nothing about being an American sweetheart. (The article is four pages long. I barely got to the end of the first page, so maybe you'll have better luck.)

As for writing about Sarah Palin, seems that Vanity Fair was most interested in who paid for her clothing, her medical records as part of finding out who Trig's real mother might be, and anything else that might make her look bad. Of course they probably could have sold ten times as many magazines if they put Sarah Palin on the cover as 'A New American Sweetheart' but they don't like what makes her a sweetheart in the eyes of Americans, just like Maureen Dowd doesn't like what today's real men want in a women. So they went with their version instead. Good luck with that.
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Felonius Monk said...

Sarah Palin a real America sweetheart?
You really dig Christiofascist whores,huh?

Fred Fry said...

Wow. Your irrational hatred is showing.

Not only that, but it is the liberals who advocate the killing of the unborn, carried by women whose 'whore' - ness is is acceptable to people like you.

Guess you don't need to spend much heating the house with all that hatred burning you up inside, eh...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tina Fey is great.