Tuesday, December 30

Expensive Ties - Being less Poor

I came across this interesting act of 'revenge' story the week before Christmas:
A paralegal, recently laid off, wanted to get back at the "establishment" that he felt was to blame for his lost job. So when he craved an expensive new tie, he went out and stole one.

The story, relayed by psychiatrist Timothy Fong at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and Hospital, is an example of the rash behaviors exhibited by more Americans as a recession undermines a lifestyle built on spending. - CNBC
This person's basic problem here is not that he is no longer able to afford expensive ties but that he was buying expensive ties in the first place. He probably was never able to really afford it, instead ignorantly living beyond his needs, powered by debt.

Sure, I guess it is nice to be noticed that you're wearing a $1,000+ suit and tie. I don't wear expensive clothing so I do not get the fashion recognition. But by not worrying too much about expensive fashion it won't be something that I'll miss if I run into financial difficulty.

There is also no mention in the article on how this guy was spending / saving his earnings when he had a job, other than the general mention: 'recession undermines a lifestyle built on spending'. So perhaps this guy was spending a little too much on his attire and now that he can't is upset that he can't continue the non-stop fashion-show that he was giving his now former co-workers and the attention it earned him.

I would think that a paralegal position is one that does not need an expensive suit and tie to begin with. Anyway, what guy would notice unless it was a well-recognized brand, if they could even tell what brand it was without the wearer having to tell everyone what it was and how much he paid for it.

And not for anything, but what kind of ass clown would this guy look like getting arrested for doing something so stupid as stealing a trivial object. Sounds to me like the company he was working for made the right decision to fire this guy. After all, they are not going to get rid of their best and brightest first!
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