Thursday, December 11

Obama Health Care Plan 2.0?

Seems that President-elect Obama is going to have a problem making due on another campaign promise, the promise of better (national) health care for all.

One blog post I read on Monday (Apologies as I cannot find it anymore) noted that Obama's national Health Care plan is probably one of the next campaign promises of his to be dropped, basically because to provide such health care, he will need to raise taxes on employers and that is not a good idea for an incoming president who needs to stimulate business into hiring more workers.

However, this is not a reason for him to abandon this goal. He can address it in other ways, such as encouraging Americans to be live healthier, which should result in people needing less health care. President-elect Obama can be a role model calling for others to follow his lead in:
  • - Quitting smoking
  • - Regularly exercising
  • - Biking
  • - Eating healthy
This is what he is doing already for his own health. He can simply come out and actively encourage Americans of all political ideologies to follow his lead.

Of course that actually requires people to actually work out and pay attention to their health and that will probably not go over well. Lets face it Americans are lazy, especially when it comes to doing anything resembling exercise. (I can't even get my staff to walk up the four flights of stairs to the office instead of taking the elevator.) But perhaps, President-elect Obama can use his talents in being able to inspire people to inspire them to try to live healthier as well...

After all, living well is a sold part of any good health care regimen. Especially if you have a limited budget to pay for health care. And if people are so concerned about health care and not being able to afford it, you would think that they would take better care of themselves. But perhaps this is what happens when you tell people that nothing is their fault.....

Who knows, if America becomes healthy all of a sudden, then perhaps there will be more money around to help those who are sick and need financial assistance to get better.
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