Tuesday, April 28

Senators Specter, Snowe, Collins - That Smell Your Complaining About is, You...

So, Senator Arlen Specter does all Conservatives a favor by jumping ship and freeing up the Republican part of the ticket for the next election for Senator Specter's seat. Of course he did this only because it became clear that he could not win a primary election against a Republican challenger. Get that, the voters who are members and supporters of Conservative Party Ideals, no longer saw him as a person who would fight for what they wanted. Fine fellow, Specter is, he was all fine with using Republicans to send him to Congress, but gets all pissed off at them when they don't like what he is doing there. Of course, the Senator and his two fellow turncoat, Republican-in-Name-Only, Senators from Maine, Snowe and Collins, are quick to place the blame on the very people who voted them into office.
Both Republican senators from Maine said Tuesday that the GOP must change its ways following Sen. Arlen Specter’s (Pa.) decision to switch parties. - The Hill
They are supposed to represent the people of their States. It was not the GOP that had turned on Specter and are pressuring Snowe and Collins. It is the voters. Voters who have, for better or worse, aligned with the Republican Party platform. At one time they must have supported these ideals to win the party's nomination. Now they are bitching because the voters actually are calling them to account. So instead of doing what the people want, they have decided to attack the ideals of the party itself.
“But I do think our party needs to make clear that centrists are welcome. Sometimes that message is not sent as clearly as it should be.”

Snowe said the day’s news should serve as a “wakeup call” to the party. She added that she has no intention of leaving the party.

“The blunt reality is that we’re losing another key moderate who has played a key role in the Republican Party ... If the Republican Party fully intends to become a majority party in the future, they will clearly have to move from the right toward the middle,” Snowe said.

“That was certainly indicative in the last election, and it’s certainly indicative in the polls that are being released. The leadership here understands that ... I haven’t abandoned those principles that have been the essence of the Republican Party. I think the Republican Party has abandoned those principles.”

Specter agreed, saying on Tuesday that the Republican Party has been pulled “far to the right.” - The Hill
Not for anything, but the GOP is already too far in the center. The complaints by these three that the Republican Party has pulled too far to the right is just pure bullshit, especially coming from Specter. However far right the Republican Party might be, the Democrat Party must be twice as far to the left. Sure there are a couple conservative 'Blue Dogs' Democrats in Congress, but they are not the ones in control. Instead you have Speaker Pelosi, Senate Leader Reid and President Obama running things. These are the people calling the shots and they are not interested in the issues of the 'Blue Dogs' let alone Arlen Specter's 'centrist' pet pork projects. Sure he will get consideration, but only when they need his vote.

Personally, I think the Democrats pulled a fast one on Specter, probably taking advantage of his senior age and his fear of losing his Senate seat. I suspect so, because there are already two full-fledged Democrats campaigning for his seat and his party switch turned the Democrat Primary into a three-way seat. However, they got his seat immediately by what appears to be a promise of future support. This is something that can easily be pulled in the future, especially if Specter does not vote as Harry Reid and President Obama want. And if Arlen Specter was so willing to change his party affiliation as a way to keep his butt warming a seat in Congress, then I bet that President Obama has just got himself a second puppy. And this one is already trained. But in the end it will do him no good, because a Democrat will vote for a real Democrat over a person who tries to be like a Democrat.

As for Snowe promising not to change party. She can stop doing us the favor and follow her fellow turncoat. After all, the three of them are little more than fake friends.

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