Tuesday, April 7

Documentary "U.N. Me" Exposes the United Nations

Seems that someone has done a documentary on all the evil things that are going on under the umbrella of the United Nations. It's about time!

About The Documentary

The United Nations was founded on the principles of maintaining international security and promoting the dignity of mankind. But as the 20th century became the 21st century, it seems that we haven't seen a marked improvement in our defense of human rights and collective security. U.N Me is a film that exposes the perversity of the U.N. and its failure to live up to its founding principles all wrapped up in a highly entertaining film.

U.N. Me has uncovered the disturbing truth that an organization that was created to ennoble man has instead been ravaged by corruption, enables evil and sows global chaos. The film has a very strong emphasis on entertainment.

U.N. Me is irreverent, humorous and intense, using thoughtful and powerful interviews, dramatic images, hard-hitting politics and caustic commentary.

Filming has taken place on location in exotic settings throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe. - Link

I look forward to seeing this movie!

U.N. Me

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