Friday, April 3

Government Health Care - Government Dictated Salaries!

So, the Government has decided that they want to have control of and limit the salaries and potential bonuses of employees of financial firms that receive Government bailout money with the idea being that the Government has the right to be so intrusive because they are providing money to the company. Well, I have stated before that I am against the Government bailing out companies as all that does is turn the losers into winners and threatens the better-run companies as their competitors are getting unfair support which then permits them to wreck the market with slashed prices, making it unprofitable for everyone (and possibly driving more companies to the point of needing Government assistance. Ford motor company has basically said that if the other two automakers get bailout money they they will have to get money as well in order to compete against their aggressive price cutting).

The Obama Democrat-controlled Government wants to throw lots of Government money at all sorts of stuff. Are they then going to shove their noses into those businesses as well?

And what about this Socialized health care that Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress wants to force down all our throats? That's Government money going to Doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, research outfits and all sorts of health care providers. Guess what is going to happen to the salaries of Doctors, nurses and everyone who works to keep American healthy? That's right, Obama's Health Care plan is surely going to regulate/limit their pay. This is what happens in other countries that have public health care. This is how they control the Government's cost of providing 'free' health care.

Of course lowering the salaries for doctors and all the supporting medical staff reduces the supply of doctors and nurses. As it is, the US already has a shortage of nurses. I have heard a couple stories already of laid off auto workers training to be nurses. Too bad that good money they are getting ready to earn is going to go away.

In other countries, especially in Europe, those countries are already suffering from a lack of trained doctors and nurses. They have to go to the third-world to steal doctors and nurses attracting them with much higher pay than they can earn back home. The problem has gotten so bad that these countries have been complaining about this 'brain drain'. Now imagine the US sucking from this ever-shrinking pool of trained medical professionals.

So remember, there are many things the Democrats are not telling you about socialized medicine. Rationing of care is one issue. Salary control is another. It has not worked elsewhere. It certainly will not work in the US.

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