Wednesday, April 15

Clinton: "new diplomatic efforts to freeze the pirates' assets"

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened her mouth to confirm that the current US Administration still isn't up to the task of fighting Somali pirates, despite the recent attacks on US-Flag merchant ships. Take the following comment made today:
In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced new diplomatic efforts to freeze the pirates' assets and said the Obama administration will work with shippers and insurers to improve their defenses against pirates, part of a diplomatic initiative to thwart attacks on shipping. - Yahoo News
Are you frakking kidding me?!?! Freeze Pirate assets? Just how do you freeze pirate assets when the pirates have millions of dollars raining from the sky? Take the MV FAINA:

And take the SIRIUS STAR:

Kind of hard to freeze millions of dollars in cash. It's not like the pirates are just depositing it in the nearest bank. At least not any bank the US can get anywhere near. No, the money is split into many small 'cuts' and distributed to whole groups of people. Good luck with that. But wait, the Clinton plan gets even worse:
She acknowledged it will be hard to find the pirates' assets. But she wants the U.S. and others to "explore ways to track and freeze" pirate ransom money and other funds used in purchases of new boats, weapons and communications equipment.

"We have noticed that the pirates are buying more and more sophisticated equipment, they're buying faster and more capable vessels, they are clearly using their ransom money for their benefit — both personally and on behalf of their piracy," she said. "We think we can begin to try and track and prevent that from happening." - Yahoo News
Yes, let's go after the Mogadishu branch of Boston Whaler and Chris-Craft and tell them not to sell to pirates any longer.

This is the problem with 'sophisticated' diplomats like Clinton and her boss our President. Their solution to piracy is to stop the pirates from buying new attack boats. Pirates who steal whole ships. Pirates who can just as easily steal small attack boats. They are pirates after all, in Africa. And for that, they can surely use the millions they get in ransom to buy anything they need in the local market. If Clinton's plan is so great, why not try it against the Drug cartels, Rogue States, Terrorists, in addition to the pirates.

If Clinton is serious about tackling pirates, then this is what it looks like to fight pirates:


Here is another idiot's view:

Sharpton: Pirates really a “voluntary Coast Guard”

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