Tuesday, April 21

Democrats are the Least Informed...

Democrats Are the Least Informed according to the the survey comments below. I bet many of you knew that already. For one, it kind of fits with the responses you see Democrats give when others try to reason with them. Reason is not the response Democrats like to reply with. Instead they reply with insults, derision, charges of racism and whatever else they can come up with. It is this attitude why conservatives don't want to discuss most anything with liberals, simply because they don't want to deal with their immature response. This is also why conservative bumper stickers are rare items in Democrat strongholds. Not because there are no conservatives there, but because people don't want to make their cars targets of vandalism by liberals. (a.k.a.'Felony Debate')
You can forget, as you go about your daily work, the name of the Secretary of the Treasury, even while remembering significant things about him (he has Wall Street experience, he didn’t pay all of his taxes). But the Pew interviewers found that Americans do pretty well on quiz questions these days. A 53% majority said that national unemployment was around 8% and 40% said that the Dow Jones average was hovering around 8000. As you might expect, college grads were more knowledgeable than those less educated, high earners (and middle earners) more knowledgeable than low earners, older people more knowledgeable than young people. Republicans were also considerably more knowledgeable and Independents more knowledgeable than Democrats. And, to a greater extent than I had expected, men were much more knowledgeable than women. - Examiner
Unfortunately, it is not in the best interest of Democrat Politicians to educate their constituents. After all, they are counting on their voters to not ask questions like 'how are we going to pay for the trillions in new debt the Government plans to spend in the next couple years?'

This reminds me of the 'If your not angry then your not paying attention' meme. Seems that the ones pushing that message are the ones who need to pay more attention. Not the rest of us.

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