Wednesday, February 4

Visited My Senators Friday - No To Stimulus

So, there was a comment somewhere on one of the blogs I read noting that working people have no time to complain to Congress, that it's just those with lots of time on their hands who go and make big protests, demanding more socialism and making the Government change to meet their demands, in effect screwing the rest of us all while we are busy working.

That made sense to me so I decided to take the afternoon off and go visit My Congressmen. I took my daughter so I didn't have time enough to visit all three, so I figured it best to visit the offices of my two Senators since the Senate has yet to vote on the 'Stimulus' bill.

The Capital Policemen were really nice. They even gave my daughter a badge and made her a 'junior officer' for the day.

The first stop once inside the Senate office building was Senator Warner's Office. There was a very nice young lady there who listened to me provide a couple thoughts on the 'stimulus' bill for a couple minutes. When I was done giving my views on this whole 'crisis' I got a thank you from them and my daughter got some candy.

Next stop was the office of Senator Webb. While Warner was with a bunch of other Senators in the basement of one of the Senate office Buildings, Webb was in the adjoining Senate office building in an office that looked like an office you would expect to find a Senator in. As I walked in a member of staff was already talking on the phone with another constituent mentioning that the Senator didn't yet have a position on the bill as they were still working on it and that he was aware of the wasteful spending that is contained in the bill. I also gave my comments in that I too would like the see the Senator vote against the bill. As I was explaining my position she was typing furiously. I asked if she was getting this all down and she replied, yes. I then apologized for not be more concise. I didn't just say kill it, I offered some suggestions on betters stimulus options.

Did my dropping by accomplish anything? Maybe just a little. It is one thing to take a little time to call them. It is another thing to go and actually show up in the office. At least it seems that there are lots of people letting their Senators know that this bill is all the crap that nobody wants it to be:
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The recent debate over the nearly $900 billion economic stimulus plan and revelations of tax problems by three Obama administration appointees have voters angrily jamming phone lines on Capitol Hill to air their frustrations to their elected representatives.

Their reactions are putting pressure on Congress and benefiting watchdog groups on both sides of the political aisle.

Capitol operators tell CNN Radio that phone lines have been jammed for the past two weeks, sometimes prompting busy signals.

A spokeswoman for Sen. Jim Webb, D-Virginia, said calls on the sweeping stimulus plan jumped from eight during all of January to hundreds a day now. - CNN
Serves Congress right for trying to shove such a large P.O.S. onto the Country. Congressmen and the President should have to defend this bill item by item. They won't, because they can't. I don't care as long as this bill dies.

Also see 'Better way to Spend $825 Billion in the Name of Stimulus' where I point out that with this amount of money, we can hold a lottery, where there are 800,000 first prizes of $1 million each. That is how much money we are talking about!

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