Monday, February 9

Marion Barry Should Die in Jail

I last wrote about Marion Barry's allergy to filing tax returns in "Marion Barry has failed to file a Tax Return since 1998" This was posted in October, 2005.

Now this shining example of the types of tax cheats you can find in the Democrat Party has once again made it into the news for failing to file his tax return for the eighth time in nine years!
For the second time in two years, frustrated federal prosecutors took aim at Marion Barry's chronic failure to file his tax returns and urged a judge to put him in jail.

The move by authorities is the latest act in a long-running tug of war between authorities and the D.C. Council member over his tax status. In all, prosecutors say, Barry has failed to file his returns on time in eight of the past nine years. - Washington Post (Go read it all as the whole damn story on his behavior is just plain unbelievable)
Do you hear it? This is Marion Barry going F-You to all of us and the 'System'. This guy is the poster child for what is wrong with Washington, DC. He does not respect the law. He even flaunts that he defies the law. He does or at least did have a huge drug problem. Think of that, the Mayor of the Capital City of the United States a damn drug user/abuser. This is a guy who has also gotten so many free passes that he would probably have to live another 100 years to serve all the jail time that he would have earned if his crimes were taken seriously. Not for anything, but this guy should finally be made an example of. All he does is waste our time and damages the potential of inner city DC children who learn that this is the type of person who they should look up to as a hero. That is just messed up.

Jailing Marion Barry will do more good for Washington, DC than billions of dollars in stimulus!

If they decide against sending him to jail, he should run for Congress, or apply for a position in Obama's Cabinet. Looking at the clowns we currently have serving, this guy is qualified enough for two positions!

Marion Barry smoking Crack, 1990

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