Friday, February 13

"Failed -"

I attempted to download the latest Stimulus Bill mess this morning with no luck. The download failed each time a couple minutes into each attempt.

I guess this is par for the course with this new Congress. Word is that it is not possible to do a word search on the document. I was trying to download the document so that I could convert it back using text recognition so that the document could be searched. I can't see how the document could have been created that way (turning the text into unsearchable images) other than on purpose. This is a pretty nasty thing to do to people who are interested in reading this legislation, worse so given that it is over 1,000 pages long. So shame on the Democrats for this. Not that it matters, given that their behavior is so poor to begin with.

Not for anything but I suspect that this very bill will come back to bite President Obama and a number of other Democrats, eventually. This is provided people start caring a little bit more.

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Mongol said...

They may have updated the links... it'll take a while to download though

Laura said...

And use control F to search(for find). I guess whoever said you can't do a word search didn't know that.