Tuesday, February 10

Senator Schumer on Theft: “The American people really don’t care”

Just got back from spending the day at the hospital to this fine example of why our leaders suck:


“The American people really don’t care” - Senator Chuck Schumer on Government waste through pork projects
I am so glad to hear that Senator. Nice of you to stick your hands in my pockets and help yourself. Why not just take it all?!?!?!?!?!?

The Senator does point out one big issue for the Democrats. These guys are counting on the rest of us to not care. For the longest time they have gotten away with it, especially considering that the majority of people who do vote for the Democrats are net recipients and not net payers. But it does come at a price. For every $1 billion in what Senator Schumer admits is 'Porky Amendments' costs each American over $3. That is no big deal right? It is only $3, but they go and take that much from everyone. So for a family of 4, that comes out to over $13.

Take Ex-Governor Blagojevich's $2 Billion Earmark for an outdated/obsolete carbon energy plant that is apparently going to come back to life through the 'stimulus' bill, after being canceled by the Government as waste. This project alone will cost a family of four $26.

The $800 Billion 'stimulus' bill will cost each American about $2,700. That is over $10,000 for a family of four. And since half of Americans are paying no income tax, the price tag is much higher for the half of the population that is paying taxes. How much of this is for pet projects, payoffs and waste? Keep in mind that this is your cost for just this one spending bill! Congress tosses in crap pork projects in many bills that they pass.

When is America going to figure out that none of this spending is being done for their benefit?

And finally, I would like the Republican members of Congress to ask their three fellow Senators to re-think whether or not it is a good idea to vote against all their fellow Republicans for this sham of a 'stimulus' bill. They are selling the rest of us out almost more so than the Democrats, since they are the ones with the power to kill this bill. And all of the Republicans in Congress should be held partly responsible for the actions of Republicans Collins, Spectre and Snowe.

Video found via Michelle Malkin.
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