Thursday, February 12

Bank Inside European Parliament Building Robbed at Gunpoint

You just have to love how bold the person who did this was, especially considering that he got away with it. I would think that this would be like robbing someone inside the US Capital Building:
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - A lone robber attacked a bank located inside the European Parliament building in Brussels on Thursday (12 February) afternoon, causing major disruption.

The attack occurred at around 4pm local time at a branch of the ING bank inside the parliament's Paul Henri Spaak (PHS) building in the heart of the European quarter.

"The man showed a gun, or something that like looked like a gun, the staff were afraid so they gave him the cash in the drawer and he escaped," European Parliament head spokesman Jaume Duch told this website. - EUobserver
He managed to rob the bank with something that looks like a gun? I guess when you disarm the population, anything that remotely looks like a gun is all you're going to need to pull off your robbery.
"It is not known whether the gun involved was real or fake," said the parliament spokesman. "Of course if it was a fake, it would be very difficult to prevent this sort of thing." - EUobserver
What, security doesn't look for fake guns? In the end it would not have mattered if it was real or fake, because in this incident all he needed was a fake gun. As a bonus, if he got caught, a fake gun probably would earn him gun crime charges as well. This is a good example of why the acts need to be punished not the gun. Guess they will have to outlaw fake guns as well. Maybe they should make robbing banks illegal as well...

How long before we see fake gun copycat crimes across the EU?

UPDATE (13 Feb): "European Parliament robber got €50,000"

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The bank heist at the European Parliament in Brussels on Thursday scooped €50,000, with police still looking for the robber on Friday. - Link
Not bad for a couple minutes work.

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