Friday, March 27

Update: Marion Barry Should Die in Jail

Back in February I wrote about the latest lawbreaking by DC Councilman/Former Mayor/Former drug criminal/Current tax cheat. (See: Marion Barry Should Die in Jail)

Now comes word of just how much Marion Barry owes in taxes:
According to an affidavit filed yesterday by an IRS special agent, Barry owes $277,688.05 to the U.S. Treasury in back taxes, interest and penalties. The IRS agent did not break down the total any further. But the agent said Barry's 2007 return indicates that he owes the federal government $6,512 in taxes for that year. The IRS is taking $1,350 every two weeks from Barry's paycheck, the agent wrote. - Washington Post
Just how did he manage to not pay his taxes at the time he earned them? I would think that his Government paycheck would have the deductions the rest of us have or did he claim so many deductions that little or nothing got taken out. Worse, he now owes so much that it is going to be very difficult for the Government to get it all back. It will be even harder if he is booted from his Government position which is what would happen most everywhere else in the country. But he Represents the residents of Washington, DC which see him as some sort of hero. Which in itself partly explains why DC has so many problems.

Marion Barry is an unrepentant tax cheat. He owes so much money that it is unlikely that he will ever pay it up. He surely is hoping to delay the day of reckoning back far enough to escape justice by natural death. As I wrote before:
Not for anything, but this guy should finally be made an example of. All he does is waste our time and damages the potential of inner city DC children who learn that this is the type of person who they should look up to as a hero. That is just messed up.

Jailing Marion Barry will do more good for Washington, DC than billions of dollars in stimulus!

If they decide against sending him to jail, he should run for Congress, or apply for a position in Obama's Cabinet. Looking at the clowns we currently have serving, this guy is qualified enough for two positions!

Marion Barry smoking Crack, 1990

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