Wednesday, March 4

Symbolic Move from US in Protest of President Obama

In protest of President Obama's actions to bankrupt the US, I have moved to Finland, at least until the end of March when I move back to continue fighting our President's insane spending on the behalf of deadbeats and political favorites.

Unfortunately, I picked this last Monday to fly out so this turned into a little bit of an 'Escape from New York' as the state, and airports, were buried in a huge amount of snow. But thanks to lots of snow removal on behalf of the local governments and thanks to Finnair for sending the plane from Helsinki to fetch us. Many flights were canceled but our flight left just a little late. We left an hour earlier to get to the airport and despite going slower because of the snow, we made up time as there was no traffic at all on the way there.

As for my trip being part of a protest against President Obama, don't take this as an empty protest as we are looking to buy a machine shop in Finland. Sure we can buy one in the US, but at least it is easy to figure out how badly we are going to be screwed as business owners in Finland unlike in the US where who knows how badly owners there are going to get screwed. So I will take my business here, provided I find something worth buying and suitable for the plans that I have in growing such a business.

Also, I have spent more time out of the country than many of those moonbats who promised to move out of the US if Bush got re-elected in 2004 and then reneged on that promise.

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