Tuesday, March 31

US Government Buying Chinese Condoms is Not The Problem

So here is the latest outrage with the US Government's USAID Organization switching from a US to Chinese supplier for condoms.
About 300 Alabamians may lose their jobs because the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will now purchase cheaper condoms from China and South Korea instead of from Alatech in Eufala, Alabama, according to The Kansas City Star. USAID gives billions of condoms to other countries but, up until now, has exclusively distributed American condoms.

The Star reports that a USAID official said they knew the move would cost Americans jobs, but the imported condoms only cost about 2 cents each compared to the Alabama versions which run about 5 cents - Examiner.com
The outrage of course is that the US Government is outsourcing manufacturing of condoms overseas, which most likely directly result in the loss of American Jobs.

I think the outrage is misplaced. The outrage should not be over WHERE THE CONDOMS ARE PURCHASED FROM but over the simple fact that THE US GOVERNMENT IS BUYING CONDOMS TO GIVE AWAY OVERSEAS.

Really, if it is so important to buy condoms to hand out to citizens of other countries, then maybe those countries should buy the condoms themselves. Surely, they can spend the 2-5 cents for the damn things, especially since you can bet that they are also getting millions in aid money. And if they decline to buy them, instead using the money for what they think are more important things, so be it. People can just buy condoms for themselves instead. And if they don't care to protect themselves, then that is their decision. Not for anything, but as I mentioned before here, if they don't care enough to buy them themselves, what makes you think that they will properly use them.....

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