Tuesday, September 16

Dear RNC, How are those Earmarks Working out for you?

Today I received a fundraising letter from the Republican National Convention:

It starts out:
I don't want to believe you've abandoned the Republican Party, but I have to ask ... Have you given up?
Well lets see. I am pretty sure my answer would be something like:
Dear Mr. Morgan,

Thanks for your fundraising letter. In response to your question asking if I have given up, my response is that I have given up on the RNC as much as the Republicans in congress have given up on the goal of ending obscene congressional earmarks. Maybe if Republican members of Congress behaved more like their fellow Republican supporters wished they would behave, the RNC would not need so much money to whitewash over their bad behavior.
I am not going to waste my time and send back a message. My missing donation envelope is the only message they understand. I already sent one back noting that they need to kill earmarks and their response appears to be this BS form letter. Really, threatening that we have to support the Republican candidates simply because the Democrats are worse is a lousy way to sell your candidate. You might as well have members of Congress up for (re)election promise to steal less than their Democrat opponents.

This of course is just one more reason to support McCain/Palin because I sure hope he takes the first earmark-laden bill that reaches his desk and veto-kicks it back to Congress.

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