Monday, February 8

Murtha Dead - National Deficit Reduced

Today comes new that Congressman Murtha has died.

Personally I would have preferred to see him ejected from Congress somehow, either by the voters or stuck in a jail cell for crimes related to the mass of pork-barrel funding he stole from the American people each year.

Instead I guess it is enough to know that thanks to his death the deficit for years to come will be reduced, since it is unlikely that any other Congressman will be able to get away with grabbing as much cash as he did.

You might say that his death was his last act of service. One that will be reflected in budget bills for years to come.

You might call my comments nasty, but he should not have been a Congressman attracting this attention. (Click on the image for previous Murtha posts)

(Congressman Murtha 'covering' the ethics of earmarks)

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