Sunday, February 21

Finnish Schools - Forced Vegetarianism

Here is a nice example of what happens when you give a special interest group an inch as to how they will go to try and take a mile.

From Finland comes news that the school system is considering moving to a vegetarian-only day:
Educational institutions of the City of Helsinki could soon get a weekly day of vegetarian food, after the City Board voted in favour of such a move 13-1.

A weekly non-meat day has also been considered in Vantaa, but the initiative has moved forward slowly. Espoo’s City Council rejected a proposal on the matter at its Monday meeting.

Vegetarian meals have been a daily option at schools in Helsinki since the autumn of 2007, and it will remain an option in Espoo as well.

If the measure is implemented, the vegetarian food day will come alongside a weekly fish day, which Helsinki already has. - Helsingin Sanomat
This is being pushed by the vegetarian movement. Of course they would ban the eating of meat if they could, but since they can't, they will force students to change their eating habits in the name of 'education'. After all, this has nothing to do with vegetarians as the schools already offer a vegetarian meal each day. This is all about forcing others to be like vegetarians.
“What it is about is that the mission of a school is to educate people on eating habits. It is important to show that good and high-quality vegetarian food is available”, said Elina Moisio (Green), who had put forward the proposal. - Helsingin Sanomat
Hell, if education is the answer, then there should be a meat-only day as well. It is not like eating meat one day a week is going to kill a vegetarian. Surely they need to be educated as to just how awesome a good hamburger tastes. And as a side benefit, expose them to a great source of protein.

Vegetarian meals are available at most restaurants. Good luck getting a non-vegetarian meal at a vegetarian restaurant. Should a vegetarian restaurant serve meat dishes? I don't think so. That would be as wrong as forcing people to eat there. Just as wrong as removing meals from the school lunch menu simply because they contain meat.

One more thing. School lunch programs are pushed as such wonderful things for a child's development. What they don't tell you is that these programs also give leftists a chance to indoctrinate children their way, as if exposing them to activist teachers all day was not enough already.

Helsinki schools could get weekly vegetarian food day - Helsingin Sanomat

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Vigilis said...

Are vegetarians so confident in the wisdom of their unnatural, self-limiting diet that it must now become involuntary?

Exactly what could be the aim of these educators? It has long been said that academics must publish or perish; if some must experiment with other avenues of personal extinction, they must not entrain the company of students.