Tuesday, June 16

Things I can do, Thanks to Democrats

With the opening of a position on the Supreme Court, it might be a good time to acknowledge all the 'rights' we Americans enjoy, thanks to Liberal Americans like our President. Here are a couple points I thought of in just a couple minutes.
  • I can marry another man
  • I can use abortion as a form of birth control
  • My underage daughter can get an abortion or 'day after pill' without bothering me for permission
  • I can be proud that my Government is funding the abortions of children around the globe
  • I can commit murder with an almost zero chance of facing the death penalty
  • I can go vote without having to prove who I am
  • I can go vote after I'm already dead
  • I can show up at a polling place during a presidential election with a nightstick and threaten people without fear of prosecution. (Applies to Black America only)
  • I can vote while in jail
  • I can forget about paying my mortgage
  • I can cheat on my taxes (Applies to Democrat-Americans only)
  • I can avoid responsibility for my irresponsible actions
  • In some states, I can do drugs with little fear of retribution
  • I can have friends from overseas come and visit and work with the knowledge that if they are arrested for being here legally, instead of being punished, they just might get authorization to work legally
  • I can pay for someone else's healthcare because they never bothered to get an education for themselves.
  • I can always blame someone else for my problems as nothing is ever my fault. I am the victim.
What did I miss?
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