Tuesday, June 2

Smoking Trumps Global Warming! (At Killing Humans)

The media was recently pushing forward the news of an estimate on how many deaths can be blamed on global warming.
Global Humanitarian Forum — an organization headed by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan — announced last Friday that climate change is responsible for 300,000 deaths per year throughout the world. The group's report, "The Anatomy of a Silent Crisis," alleges that 90 percent of these deaths are caused by a “gradual environmental degradation caused by a warming climate that exacerbates the threats of malnutrition, diarrhoea (sic), and malaria.” - New American
300,000 sure sounds like a lot. But wait.

Now take this following estimate on smoking:
Supporters of the FDA legislation, such as the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association, say controls over tobacco products would be a good place to start: they say tobacco use kills more than 400,000 Americans every year, resulting in $96 billion in health care costs. - AP
Smoking kills more Americans each year than Global Warming kills around the globe. If smoking kills that many Americans, the global total much be much higher. How high? Over 5 million people a year die due to smoking.
"I think it's important not to get into competitive deaths, but there's about 3 million TB deaths a year, whereas there are 5 million deaths a year from tobacco and these are going up," Mackay told Reuters in an interview.

"By 2030 that 5 million will be closer to 10 million, they'll be doubling ... and the major burden is on developing countries," she said on the sidelines of an international lung health conference. - Reuters
For every person who is going to die this year because of Global Warming, over 16 people will die due to tobacco smoking. And not for anything, wouldn't all those lit cigarettes also contribute to global warming? Not only the cigarettes but also all the fires careless smoking sets...

So where does the real threat to humans lie?

Here is a little clarification on the Global warming death estimate:
Kofi Annan and the Global Humanitarian Forum have released a new report predicting 300,000 excess deaths each year due to global warming. Back in 2003, the Milan conference on global warming estimated that 150,000 people died a year from global warming. But they didn't include heat deaths. Why? Because then they would have had to include deaths from cold. As warming would reduce deaths from cold by so much, it would have turned the whole number negative, so they just focused on deaths from malaria, diarrhea and such like. But those are diseases of poverty, not of climate. If the victims of those diseases in the developing world had access to clean water, electricity, micronutrients and education, those 150,000 people would not die.

It is not the climate. It is the poverty.

Well, they're back for more and they've doubled their numbers to 300,000 excess deaths annually due to 'climate change'. - Examiner
Yes, the real crime is not global warming. The real crime is the billions of uneducated people on this planet. How about the UN try and deal with that. That is one of the biggest crimes of this century.

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