Wednesday, June 3

Iran is Only One Flight Away From Getting Nuclear Weapons

In the wake of North Korea's latest nuclear blast, I pointed out that if North Korea has nuclear weapons, then so too does Iran. If not now, then soon:
Of course, if they want to strike Seoul, Korea, they could just fly it there in a plane. No missile required. The Capital is not far from the border.

Speaking of planes, all it takes is one flight to Iran, and then they too would have a nuclear bomb. - 28 May 09
The Wall Street Journal confirmed this threat today:
Now the North seems to be gearing up for yet another test of its long-range Taepodong missile, and it's a safe bet Iranians will again be on the receiving end of the flight data. Nothing prevents them from sharing nuclear-weapons material or data, either, and the thought occurs that the North's second bomb test last week might also have been Iran's first. If so, the only thing between Iran and a bomb is a long-range cargo plane. - WSJ
Our Government seems to think that there is no immediate threat in this case. Considering that most of them work in the middle of one of the terrorists biggest targets, it makes you wonder just what the hell are these people thinking.

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Anonymous said...

The only thing between (insert country name here) and the bomb is one flight away.

If this is so true, and Iran is so dead-set on acquiring nukes, then why hasn't it already?

SPeculation is no substitute for facts.

RestraintsBlog said...

I would think that they first wanted to make sure the bomb worked, since North Korea's first attempt was a dud.

What makes you think they don't have nukes? They deny it and in the same breath declare ever more centrifuges. Along with that is the well known history of North Koreans working in Iran.

As for any country being just a flight away from having a nuclear bomb. Most other countries are not crazy like these two.