Tuesday, January 22

Thompson 2008 - Now What?

As you already know, Fred is out. The big question many are asking now is who will the Fredheads support now? The media seems to be hoping that we'll now all blindly move over to either McCain or Huckabee. I find that highly unlikely. As for myself, I know more who I won't support than who I will.

For starters, Giuliani is not an option. I wrote about my problems with him here. Then there is Huckabee, who as Fred (Thompson) commented is pursuing a Democrat agenda, making him equally unacceptable. (Not to mention his whoring of religion for votes)

I'm left with Romney and McCain.

My first thought is to write in Thompson. No, that's not right. Not unless there is some sort of massive write-in organized, and that will never happen. So I guess I will vote for Romney. Now I just need to get excited about it. Well it will be excitement enough if he beats whoever the Democrats push forward. And when that happens, there will be no shortage of lost marbles on the left. That has to be worth a good laugh.

Rusty at The Jawa Report expresses a strong case for supporting Romney in his post "Fredheads, It's Time to Support Mitt". Thanks Rusty.

I can already see one immediate benefit. There is no way I'm going to donate any campaign money his way being the millionaire that he is. To bad it's illegal for him to buy my vote. Not that I would sell it, but it would be nice to get an offer. Well, stopping earmarks would be nice payback. If not, then how about earmarking some funds for FFI.


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MPH said...

I am holding out hope for a Giuliani/Thompson ticket. While he had arguably the best platform and ideas, Thompson just didn't have the outward drive and dynamism that Rudy can bring to the top of the ticket...

But can't you see Thompson embarrassing the hell out VP candidate John Edwards in the summer debates?

Giuliani is hardly out of it (assuming he wins in Florida) and I believe a Giuliani/Thompson ticket has the best shot at winning in November.

This country needs serious tax and spending cuts -- and it needs them now.

And is there anyone who doubts Rudy would be a great diplomatic leader and a excellent Commander of Chief of the US Military?

Robin Storm - In Search of Severe Weather. said...

Giulian is not an option and should not be a option. Those who know him know how arrogant this man is. Besides the hubbub over his leadership of 911 is so over exaggerated by the press its not funny. He too was asleep at the wheel.

Ask any NYC Cop about Rudy ....

MPH said...

These talking points against Giuliani are getting monotonous.

I live in New York -- why don't YOU talk to "any" NYC cop about Rudy? You might not like what you hear.