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Thompson 2008

Thompson. Fred Thompson.

As I see it, Mr. Thompson is the most appealing candidate running for President of the United States.

Sure, there are complaints out there that he has an undistinguished Senate record, but come on, have you seen the crap coming out of the US Senate? His excuse was that he was busy killing bad legislation. Sounds good to me. We need more of that. Anyway, maybe the next President of the US should take things a little slower. The world is expert at inaction and constantly hounds us for not only intervening, but intervening the wrong way. Fine, let them not deal with the world's problems.

Along with the complaints about his Senate record are some concerns that Senator Thompson has been lazy in running his campaign. This too does not wash with me. We have been dealing with an early election campaign for months now and when one of the candidates refuses to play the same game (due to laziness or not) it is seen as a flaw. That is total BS and leave no alternative for candidates other than to play follow the leader. So let's play devil's advocate for a second and say that Fred Thompson is lazy. So what. As I mentioned above, isn't the US always being criticized for being the one to overreact? Doesn't the Government mess up everything it gets involved in at home? So maybe we would be better off with a President who is a little 'lazy'. This might actually give us time to fix what is wrong and give the laws in place time to have an effect on what they were passed for in the first place.

Now the timing of this post has been driven by a call for a Blogburst in support of Fred to open up the flow of money to help get Fred's message out. I am not one for donating to politicians, and at the moment 'donating' $100 towards retiring some of my debt will do more good to me than giving it to a politician. However, everyone's situation is different and you are welcome to follow the links below to donate to the cause. [UPDATE: See the donation widget below. I have just done a first and donated $25 to Fred's cause.] Oddly enough, it is the lack of massive amounts of major donors that is a strong selling point in that he has not sold himself out to special interests, at least not yet. Sure, that kind of money is sure to follow later provided he does well in the opening states, but in that case the influence of the donations is much diminished.

The Republicans seems to have a pretty poor lineup this go around. Fred, while not the media machine like Clinton, still marches forward, appears to be the real deal and that is good enough for me because in the end he will make decisions on what is best, not what the polls say he should. I guess Romney could be an OK backup choice with McCain (Who is also real but nobody seems to like what he stands for) as a safety. Some people seem to have a problem with voting for a Mormon, but I have more of a problem voting for the fake Gun Rights Advocate (Giuliani) and the fake Bible Thumper (Huckabee). I am no fan of the Mormans but don't see why one can't be elected President. Plus it pisses off the anti-Morman block, which is one thing that Thompson's vote does not provide. However, that palls in comparison to the benefits I think a Fred Presidency will bring (as pissing off the religious right will not make this a better country) if for no reason other than to put the brakes on bad Government.

(Note: Donation widget removed on 22 Jan 08)

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UPDATE: 29 Dec 2007
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