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How Illegal Aliens get a 'Social Security Number' in their own Name

Illegal aliens don't need to steal or make up a social security number to give to an employer. There is another less illegal way in which the Government issues them a number.

Step one:
- apply for a Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) from the IRS:

What is an ITIN?

An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a tax processing number issued by the Internal Revenue Service. It is a nine-digit number that always begins with the number 9 and has a 7 or 8 in the fourth digit, example 9XX-7X-XXXX.

IRS issues ITINs to individuals who are required to have a U.S. taxpayer identification number but who do not have, and are not eligible to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

ITINs are issued regardless of immigration status because both resident and nonresident aliens may have U.S. tax return and payment responsibilities under the Internal Revenue Code.

Individuals must have a filing requirement and file a valid federal income tax return to receive an ITIN, unless they meet an exception.

What is an ITIN used for?

ITINs are for federal tax reporting only, and are not intended to serve any other purpose. An ITIN does not authorize work in the U.S. or provide eligibility for Social Security benefits or the Earned Income Tax Credit. ITINs are not valid identification outside the tax system.

IRS issues ITINs to help individuals comply with the U.S. tax laws, and to provide a means to efficiently process and account for tax returns and payments for those not eligible for Social Security Numbers. - IRS

For good reason, an ITIN card does not look anything like a Social Security card:


Step two:
- Put that valid ITIN number onto a fake Social Security card.

They now have a valid tax number on a Social Security card giving them the 'proof' needed to get a job. (Apparently employers do not check the number, accepting the card as proof enough.)

- No need to use a number stolen from someone else.
- No risk that you are one of many illegal aliens using the same number.
- Peace of mind that the number has been assigned to you.

I have no idea how popular this type of fraud is. I was only recently made aware of the process.

Pretty sneaky eh?

Update: 4 October 2007

Just to be clear, the process explained above is illegal!

Update: 4 February 2010

I have posted an update here: UPDATE: How Illegal Aliens get a 'Social Security Number' in their own Name


indoor tanning lotion said...

It is amazing. The government sets itself up for fraud just to get a few extra tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Not a few dollars, about 12,000,000
(ITIN) are issue acording with 2001 count so lets add 7 yrs to that whoa!!!!!!thats alot of number people the goverment or IRS
they know they make tonnes of money with this numbers and they will keep doing it why? because its right or wrong no because its a great source of income for wars or any other senceless thing stead of using the money in sometime where all the people of America can use......Tom Marcousky.

Anonymous said...

check this out!

12 mil itin`s wow
Gov is getting scammed.

below is true -

married hispanic couple-
husband works 2 jobs, both with different socials
wife works and they have 3 kids.

Now the kicker- They both claim married - 8
on payrolls. Try claiming married 8 and very little is withheld for fed taxes. Lower income jobs like $12 per hour 0 taxes withheld from fed and state.

This couple has just grossed about 60k for the year not bad when your low income rent is around $600 a month.

Married hispanic couple goes to do the good ole taxes. Claims husband only worked 1 job and made 25k, wife stayed home to watch kids - yeah right! Remember social sec #`s are easy to buy on the street.
Guess what 25k and 3 kids - holy cow eic kicks in for those kids and this couple just gets a tax return of 3-4k every year and never paid a dime to fed taxes.

Imagine what we could do if we didn`t have to claim all our wages.

So in realty the Gov is losing money by giving these tin numbers. Because most of the w2`s are tossed in garbage. Oh and by the way brother Miguel is living in the apartment and he makes about 30k a year but the low income housing complex has no idea he lives there. I found Miguels w2 in the garbage the other day, why would he lose this? not married and no kids - hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

why would that bother you that miguel or whoever through his w2 away he is the one losing out not you and if you weren't so noisy you wouldn't know that info but not only do mexicans do that sort of thing I know a lot of americans white and black that through their 1099 tax paper away so they don't have to pay the government so lets not point any fingers most hispanics just want a better life and want that for their kids also so their is no harm in that and if the government let then get thier documentation faster and easier I know for a fact they will gladly pay or summit there taxes.

Anonymous said...

YOU my friend are a MORON!!!!

1.Miguel threw his (married 9 = 0 fed taxes withheld) W2 away to avoid PAYING taxes!

2.I`m an (noisy) American who pays his taxes and by the sound of your comments I prbably pay alittle for your ride also!

3.You need some new friends that dont cheat and lie. I dont have any friends who as you put it throw 1099`s away. My friends dont have 2-3 Id`s.

4.I have kids - I want a good life for my kids. Darn I didn`t realize I should be teaching them to lie, cheat and steal. I`ll make sure they read your comments.

Bottom line is I paid around 10k to fed and state taxes, but only get about 1k back in a tax return.

My whole point is - this couple and brother paid 0 fed and state taxes via weekly checks yet still get to pocket $4000 of our hard earned and paid taxes.

Gov needs to give everyone of the illegals a work permit now. And for every Miguel, white , black, yellow who forgets to file tax return. Probably claiming M-8 and yet single, his or her second year of work should be garnished until a return is filed.

Your solution would be for Miguels to change socials and itin numbers every year huh you tard. Hey boss my name is Joe now, cuz I dont like to pay taxes so I can provide for my kids. Welcome to America! Joe!

Anonymous said...

I think in this day an age the number of people who cheat and lie and take what they should not is enormous. Not just the Mexicans.
I was taught the law is the law.
What about the homeless that want all kinds of things given to them, picket and sit in, and many of them are just too lazy to get some work. I agree there are circumstances that cannot be helped, but some of those young ones out there begging on the streets and laughing behind your backs and all the prisoners we keep in jail at a tremendous cost (put them in pink and put them to work, like the guy in Arizona).
Offer something free and watch the ones come running! It is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Posting a "How To" for everyone to access. I'm sure it's greatly appreciated for those who hadn't thought of it...

Fred Fry said...

You do understand that the illegal aliens already know how to do this and have known about it for years. It is regular americans who have no clue.

How do you think illegal aliens pay millions to the IRS each year?

The real kicker here is the Government because they know immediately because employers report income with each number and the Government knows which numbers are ITINS and which are valid SS numbers. Traditionally, they did nothing about it but now are doing something. How do you think they decide which factory or processing plant to raid? those reporting lots of ITIN numbers as well as SS numbers that are being used many times over by multiple people across the country.

Just why is the US Government giving ITINS to illegal aliens? If you do not talk about it, it will never be corrected. And now, you have reason to be suspicious when someone hands you a social security card. At least businesses now have acces to an online system to check if the information on the card is valid or not. Too bad use of the system is only voluntary.

valdez said...

Well if a hispanic is married to a u. s. citizen and they have children together why doesnt the goverment make it a little easier to obtain a legal ss number and then that person will be a documented person like you and me and then they would not have to worry about people scamming them out of money. I am married to a hispanic that has an itin number we have paid over 5000.00 in attorney fees and 4000.00 in traveling fees trying to get papers fpr my husband and was denied he is a skilled worker here and we have two children he has no record but was denied the right to be here? What do you think is going to happen to me and his children WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!
they are here and no matter what you are not going to force them out!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion about this subject is that if the man or women is ore llegal alien and has this ITIN card, as long as he or she is living a life according to the laws of our government and is contributing to the government, there should not be a problem at all. In reality, the government has more to lose if they decide to not support illegal workers whose only reason to be in the u.s. is to work hard and be able to strive in life just like every other person here, as long as of course, they do it in a lawfull way. But they need the support of the government to be able to do any of this. And me myself being an illegal alien with an ITIN, support everyone else who thinks the way i do. Because i myself wish that one day i can have my own ssn and live a better happier life.

Anonymous said...

But the main problem here is that a lot of illegal aliens are not going with the easy-to -follow, common laws. I know people who got tickets and they give false names with false addresses. People, like the one commented above, who avoid paying taxes. I also know people who do taxes and go with the law as much as they can and for the government they are all the same, no punishment for no one, no prize for no one. NO LEGAL POSSIBILITY for the correct ones to do better (or legally), in my case, financially nor educationally. First, because many jobs require a SSN or driver's license (and no SSN, no DL); so it is kind of hard to get a job one is capable to do better than others. Then, they must pay as international student when living and doing taxes for years in the state they are living in, doing it almost impossible to pay as int'l student (unless you make a ton of money instead of $8.50/hr at McDonalds). Finally, I have understood that people with ITIN becoming legal aliens do not get the number changed on their SSN, they keep the 9xx-xx-xxxx; can anyone to verify this?

Anonymous said...

Wow... The guy that came up with miguel is a moron. I mean just because were mexican it dont mean that we dont pay taxes. U really think that by blaming and putting all the fault on us for not paying taxes when we really do will make people think that all mexicans and hispanics are bad. Well my friend we live in america where even the pledge for allegiance is a lie I think instead of feeling angry at us (hispanics) you should feel ashamed at your country for writting all tha BULL SHIT that is all lies....look at this: I Pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible wit LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL. Isnt there anything wrong in there. from what ive observed, america doesnt have JUSTICE & LIBERTY at least not for ALL like it says, that totally proves my point all what your shitty country has written is nothing but LIES .....PAUL MARQUEZ

Anonymous said...

This is all menial BS and much-to-do about nothing. I am a legal resident, my father is a US citizen, mother a naturalize citizen. Now, Why does anyone waste time talking badly about illegal immigrants who are obviously trying to get ahead in life? MOST illegal aliens do NOT bother anyone or do anything other than work and earn a living. The government have stolen from everyday citizens---should say IS STEALING from every day citizens to put money in the pockets of the High Rollers on Wall street and their wealthy associates! Why not lobby the government to change to ensure that poor Americans get a better standard of living, instead of bashing Mexicans, this that and the other??? People like you with tunnel vision cause the world to have such a large mass of poverty stricken population globally. The IRS doesn't lose period!! The IRS is an illegal institution,which weaved it's way into the minds of ignorant citizens to the point where it's now regarded as legal. Do your research. I pay taxes because it's mandated that I must to avoid problems, but I KNOW it's not beneficial to me or my offsprings. Over a lifetime more taxes is taken out of wages than any social security beneficiary will ever see.....Unless you are a hateful racist or blind patriot then you will understand that your debate and stance is farfetched.

Anonymous said...

Why dont the yanks grow a pair and go complain to the irs instead of migrant workers. All i hear is wahwahwah they put the blame on the the small guy, not the big guy which is your government. And if you went through my trash and i found out bout it, id kick ur teeth in pal. Luckily for you im not that "guy".

Anonymous said...

Quote ""At 9/16/2009 05:03:00 PM, Anonymous said...
Wow... The guy that came up with miguel is a moron. I mean just because were mexican it dont mean that we dont pay taxes. U really think that by blaming and putting all the fault on us for not paying taxes when we really do will make people think that all mexicans and hispanics are bad. Well my friend we live in america where even the pledge for allegiance is a lie I think instead of feeling angry at us (hispanics) you should feel ashamed at your country for writting all tha BULL SHIT that is all lies....look at this: I Pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible wit LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL. Isnt there anything wrong in there. from what ive observed, america doesnt have JUSTICE & LIBERTY at least not for ALL like it says, that totally proves my point all what your shitty country has written is nothing but LIES .....PAUL MARQUEZ""

Yea... Liberty and justice for all LEGAL citizens of the USA. Not your Juan Javier that just hops the border, speaks HORRIBLE english, and expects the easy road. In some Way, shape, or form you use something that was built with the money of the tax payers.

Anonymous said...

yo, many illegal aliens work for mininum pay while many americans will not work and do the jobs illegal aliens do. Another point these illegal aliens contribute to our economy by buying goods and services, if they all left america will be screwed without them. I'm citizen and appreciate illegals that do something for this country while many ignorant americans don't do shit... From Hispanic American in Philadelphia...

Anonymous said...

husband claimed 1 job and got the eic? from what i understand you need to have a valid ssn of your own and so do the 3 kids, if any of them is a fake or an itin they dont qualify for the eic al all.
also, if someone uses a stolen ssn to claim taxes, arent they setting off a red flag for themselves when the person whose number it is does their taxes? i have heard that claiming taxes using a stolen ssn is a sure fire way to get investigated, lose your job, and face deportation.
if its so easy to cheat and get all this money, why is the hispanic coucle living in sub standard housing, cramped up with 6 people? is their dream to work 80 hours a week, never see their kids, and have all sorts of money in the bank? do they have a gambling problem or where does all that money they make go? if your answer is that it simply goes back to their relatives in mexico u must be very stupid. why would they send it away if all of their family and relatives are living right there with them in their shitty 2 bedroom , 1 bathroom appartment.

just think about hos stupid this sounds.
the family makes 60k and doesnt pay a dime for taxes and brother miguel brings back an exrta 30? they make 90k a year and they only shell out 7k for rent annually?? why would any parent making that much not buy a house so their kids can have their own rooms and so they don't have to deal with nosey idiotic neighbors that jump to all sorts of stupid conclussions.

Fred Fry said...

Hey Anonymous, Please go back above and click on the link to my update to this post. The new post notes that close to 2 million illegal aliens filed tax returns where they used an ITIN number to report work income, illegally. In some cases the numbers are used multiple times.

What you will find is a lack of prosecution...

LaGringaSPS said...

ok there are a number of problems with the post about Miguel the brother in law.
First the poster claims that the person made 30k and is cheating because he paid ZERO federal tax...well that is false. FICA or social security is federal tax as is medicare tax..and guess what you can claim 100 dependents and you pay the exact same tax as Joe Blow next door making 100k, because it is based on percent, not on dependents.
Now he might get Zero payroll tax for federal income with held, but if he is married and has children as you say..guess what, he probably would end up getting a he is getting screwed, not cheating.
There are some misconceptions that when you file W2 that you have to report your correct status and how many children you have. That is false. It is not against the law to claim 10 or 20 children on a W2 or single and zero regardless of what your status is. The only status that matters is when you file Form A 1040 and that has to be the truth...and you have to provide a card for proof. Those with ITIN do not qualify for EIC because they are not considered resident aliens.
Now, another misconception. You claim that the 9 number for the ITIN can be transfered to a SS number for work authorization. That also is false. There are NO social security numbers that start in 9. That is the reason that IRS uses them. So if someone is enough of a moron to believe that a social is a 9 number they aren´t a business owner.
I am Hispanic, my husband as well. I am not an immigrant and he is. However, he is a naturalized citizen. He doesn´t live with a bunch of people in a low rent apartment either. We own our home in Georgia and it is a house. We have never received welfare and have no intention of ever receiving it and we pay taxes and yes we get a very good income. I don´t fill out a W2 though...I pay quarterly self employment tax...try it sometime it is much more expensive than what you pay for FICA.

Anonymous said...

Ugh... i work for la ultima raya, we do taxes here! and the main reason people dont do there taxes is because they are scared that that will get them im trouble ... this year we had many people do there taxes because we explained to them that they wont get hurt it they work with another social securityy number! nor with another name! i know people with taxes from 2003 ... which of coarse you kant file them anymore because the last time to file 2005 down was in 2008... and now that we have told them that they WILL NOT!!! get in trouble they strated doing them! its very reasonable to see people being afraid because they by day hispanics live scared why becasue they are scare of the police they scared of getting in trouble or getting deported... we are all immigrants!!!! if you arent native american... oh honey let me tell you you are an immigrant! its redundant ajjaja have yall heard of that irish immigrant enforcing lawwss againt chinisee people because he hated immigrant! but i guess he didnt relize he was an immigrant tooo! hahah ignorancy!!! but anyways back to ma point! if immigrant dont do therrr taxes is because they are scared! and un informed ... if this goverment would do something about therrr status trust mi and believe me therrr wont be any hispanics here they would only come for a certain time and make a little bit of money and go back but since they cant go and come back they have to stay here till' they get all the money they need to build a better house and to never come back! and also to the goverments! of mexico honduras salvador guatemala!! if they werent so corruptive and would pay attencion to what matter everything woulf be so diffrent!

Anonymous said...

itin number cannot be used twice !!!! thats proven fact! the irs will not accept it! nor can they use a stolen ssn work because it will also reject it when that tax payer is doing the taxes he or she get send back to the same page and it has a red sign next to it! you cannot get your refund because if the irs thinks therrs and error they will hold your info and will send you a letter telling you why and you have to send back evidence that thats you! and that everything you are saying is true! no hispanic makes 90k a year!! unless they are into somthing bad... the highest ive seen here in my tax office is sumwere bout 34000... and they all have more they 3 kids! not all illegal aliens are the same so dont use one to compare to all 12,000,000!! and its true they all work for low wagesss

Fred Fry said...

"itin number cannot be used twice !!!! thats proven fact! the irs will not accept it!"

Wrong. In Dec 2009, the Treasury Dept's Inspector General's report has stated the following:

"There are also no controls to prevent an ITIN from being used by more than one taxpayer on multiple tax returns. More than 60,000 ITINs were assigned and used on multiple tax returns processed in Calendar Year 2008. As with Social Security Numbers, ITINs are specific to individuals and should be issued to and used only by that individual.
********************************1******************************************* **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** ******************************. In addition, more than 55,000 ITINs were used multiple times on approximately 102,000 tax returns with refunds totaling more than $202 million."


Anonymous said...

the poster's reasoning is BS. I may not know all the laws but I do know that your SSN will be flagged if you try to file incorrect information. It is true that many people use fake numbers and it is true that there are many who choose not to file their taxes but in both occasions it is not limited to undocumented Hispanics. People of all races and ages do it.

As for the SSN - my mom used a fake SSN for a few years but never filed her taxes - why? Because the one time she did try to file she was flagged and sent a letter asking for a birth certificate.

That was about 10 years ago. She was advised to pay any back taxes and apply for an ITIN. She's been doing so for a number of years now and has been paying taxes on her business since then.

The process is not as easy to avoid as you have written and even for those who don't file their taxes, they are giving millions to the govt. by not claiming their money.

Anonymous said...

Dumb@sses it's not a freaking SS#

armando said...

an ITIN is not a Social Security number. the person who wrote this post clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. A social security will not clear in the social security dept because the number is a Individual taxpayer identification number from the IRS not the SS. the number itself is only recognized by the IRS and it means nothing to the Social Security. instead of making DUMB@ASS comments why don't you inform yourself before speaking.
ITIN is a number for illegals to file for a tax return, however they cannot use that number to work or claim any govt. benefit except for emergency medical care.
If the person doesn't have a social security then it doesn't matter what number they put on their fake social security card because like you said, some employeers don't check it. also it takes about two years for the IRS to notify employeers the SS does not match the name, so undocumented immigrants cannot work in the same job for more than a year or two before SS administration catches up w them. It must really suck having to change jobs almost every other year. even worst, no carrer advancement. Should we do what the law says or should we do what is fair? sometimes the law's get in the way of what is FAIR.

Anonymous said...

I believe its liberty and justice for Americans, not freelancers mooching off our system. How can you complain when America pays for tuition, gives welfare, etc to illegals, what's Mexico doing genius?

Anonymous said...

However "sneaky" it may be, the Social Security system is the one that's making out like a bandit in this scenario. People with fake/stolen Social Security numbers or ITINs are for the most part paying into a system from which they will never see a dime. Paying in to the tune of billions of dollars.

Luis B said...

This happens all the time where a illegal alien does not pay taxes but will receive $2k-$5k on their tax return by falsely stating they have 3-8 kids in Mexico. The money they are receiving is coming from US citizens that paid taxes to the goverment and the gov is giving it to them without paying any taxes. The way to work this out is that you only get back what you put in. If you put in $2k you will get $2k no matter if the credits owed to you are more. That is one way to keep them honest and it will help the goverment from going bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

So hard on americans for every thing the law is the law,usa could be using that money for us

Anonymous said...

I am weary of watching the hispanics suck the welfare system that hard working people are paying for. I am also sick of having to press #1 for ENGLISH, this is AMERICA. If you want to live here, get a ITIN # file LEGAL W-2'S, pay your taxes & stay out of all the FREE government assistance offices & draining the country dry. YOU might have the right to come here & make an HONEST living, but not off of those who are here legally whether by birth or by naturalization! My family is a family of 3 who are just making ends meet, but we earn what we have, we don't hit up every freebie that someone might offer! BTW, I AM AN ALABAMIAN & I APPLAUD GOV. ROBERT BENTLEY FOR PASSING THE IMMIGRATION LAW! I just feel sorry for all the other states who do not have this & our ILLEGALS are flooding YOUR state!

Anonymous said...

to the person who started the Miguel thing.
Seriously? Miguel??
Ok so your saying your teaching your children to not cheat or lie right?
well I think You Should Also Definetly Teach Them To NOT Be Racist or else they will turn out just like you (we dont need more people like you). Yes people might do this stuff to get money but im sure if you were in that same situation I guarantee you, you would of done the same especially since you have kids. and dont say you wouldnt because the people who do these things dont just do it for the money, its very obvious that they are getting their spending money from a job since you get a w2 form from work. they do this for their families in need. If i made enough money and had a good stable job i wouldnt bother thinking of doing something like this i would be proud to pay my taxes and hope that the money goes to someone in much more need of the money.
And If You Didnt Know the US is made of immigrants so dont be calling others illegal because last time i check the natives were the first people in this land!!.
I recommend you go to your local Library and check out some books about the history of the U.S. seems like you need a lot to learn about your country before you go out opening your mouth being racist acting like your mr. perfect... guess what theres no such thing as "perfect".

Anonymous said...

I dislike peoples feeble mindedness. That there is only one race that is "perfect"! When the people came from England, decided to kill and abuse the natives of this countryl. Then because they are too lasy to work buy slaves and bring them here to do their work, then dont treat them like humans. Then other people come from other countries like Iraq, China and other countries come here. It's easier for a person for China or even Iraq to become legal than it is for a person from Mexico. Most of them come over here for a better life for them and their families. Have you been to Mexico? There flooring is dirt, sometimes no indoor pluming if you are middle class or lower. Plus they dont have sanitation standards like we do. No benefits for the elderly or disabled. So most Mexicans come here support their family here and their parents and help their brothers, sisters, neices, nephews, etc. How many people here help their family like that? BTW mexicans are not the only ones here illegal and I dislike peoles ignorance of that fact. People forget the fact that they werent the fist poele here, that the Native Americans were, not them. I proudly claim to have Indian in me!

Anonymous said...

To the Above Poster^
The Difference between other Immigrants and Mexican immigrants is that other immigrants go about it the correct way! They don't sneak over the border and blend in...

Anonymous said...

all americans that arent indians are illegal immigrants in theory, doesnt really apply to blacks as they were brought as prisoners of the europeans so if the whites would go back to europe where they could talk about illegal immigration with some moral authority as a native population be all cool, if the hispanics emigrated to the usa the way the europeans 500 years ago did then there be genocide rather than just illegal immigration so dont forget your roots,and lets face it, rich whites can immigrate to the usa easy peasy, its financial and ethinic institutionalised prejudice that makes a mexican illegal and a canadian or english person a resident.

Anonymous said...

Racism all dressed up, and they say americas a shristian country, hahaha if jesus christ was alive today hed be crucified by the USA

Anonymous said...

WHo ever wrote this needs to mind his own fucking Businesss,
They do pay their tax, work hard to support their family, unlike some Americans always looking for an easy Job, or Just bein homeless instead of trying to look for a job. That's America is the way it is now. That's why who ever is racist deserves the beat up they Get.

Anonymous said...

The solution to all the illegal workers' problems is so very simple that I cannot understand why no one ever talks about it.... WE NEED TO TAKE OVER and ANNEX MEXICO!!!! who can stop us?? the Cartels??? there basically is no Mexican government to stop us and I doubt that many Mexican nationals would stand in out way!!(most would probably join us!) Think about it, we can make Mexico a safe place to go, full of resort towns, bring good governance, healthy commerce, higher quality living standards; and then ALL Mexicans would automatically be Americans!! Plus, the Central American peninsula is a Much smaller boarder to control than the present Mexican/American boarder.

Anonymous said...

^ that's a good idea. But it would probably piss a lot of people off.

Anonymous said...

how is SSN of any value if ITIN can be used so easily like this? Good read!

Anonymous said...

Fuck gringos.

Fred Fry said...

Welcome to America, racist...

Anonymous said...

all you gus are idiots

Fred Fry said...

Says the person with the misspelled word in their comment!

Anonymous said...

This is the must intelectual post so far. Very informative and well worded. I am a PR and AA male , my wife is Mexican but a citizen. I've never encountered any of these issues just reading out of curiosity though. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your input, especially in relation to all the garbage that had been posted prior and after this one. Thanxs!

Anonymous said...

You must be offended because your. Mexican most Americans r trying to survive as it is and then u have people who are not suppose to be here doing things like this contributing to drowning the economy. Its a shame people only think about themselves regardless of how u feel the law is the law if Mexicans want legal status do the right thing to get it like any other immigrant French,CANADIANS,Russians ect ... Mexicans aren't the only immigrants that want to live in America i don't know what makes them think they are above the law! its really sad just think what would happen if Americans or any people visited another country they ask for passports, id and anything. else to identify a person who looks misplaced but to this particular race they call that racial profiling please!!!i call it what u want point blank do what's right and you won't have to live in fear... DUH!!!!!#PROUD AMERICAN

Anonymous said...

Your just speaking out because your husband is illegal!!! sneaking across the border and becoming pregnant and getting someone pregnant just to obtain legal status or at least try to is ridiculous!!!!!! go through the process the right way and they won't have to worry its like they shoot first and ask questions later after all the witnesses are dead. and you can't do that point blank the law is the law i bet you would be begging for border security if a insane amount of the wrong immigrants got over here and made America like Mexico and if something does not get done that's what the future holdsnot all illegal are bad people and neither are the intentions but they are going about things the wrong way!!!

Anonymous said...

We are all immigrants trace your geneology. Dont blame immigrants blame our iwn government that wages war on immigration but yet have illegals working as maids and stuff. I encourage them to seek legal status. In reality this country was created by immigrants so why should the process stop now?

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that ITIN numbers are easily distinguished from SSN numbers in that they begin with '9' and and digits 4-5 are in the range 70-99. An employer that looks at the number, the bank, and the tax authority should recognize it immediately (well, a small employer may be ignorant of it).

It's hard to say that the government is getting ripped off, however. The number would be useful for paying taxes and getting a job from an unsuspecting small business, but you cannot receive any benefits with such a number, and you are not going to fool a bank or lender with an ITIN.

e.g., you can pay taxes, but you are precluded from receiving benefits - that's probably good for the government.

Anonymous said...

Immigration reform is needed urgently. I believe that with that there would be a boom in the u.s. Economy. And then some one like myself who has overstayed my visa can work pay taxes which I would be glad to, further my education, start my own business and create opportunity for others. The immigration system as it is now is really in-humane and unethical.......Imran Duplessis-illegal immigrant from the Caribbean (English Caribbean)

Anonymous said...

If they claim 8 depents at their jobs, they aren't getting much money taken out, true. Now they may claim 3 dependents on their federal tax returns but that is throwing up a big red flag to be audited which, in relaity, is silly. If the IRS audits them, regardless of their migratory status, they are looking at having to pay back tens of thousands of dollars. Their loss.

If there are holes in the system, you're damn right people are going to take advantage of them. Is that really their fault? I don't think so...I think that's the result of a lazy government and faulty laws. They may be making 60k a year which isn't bad for undocumented immigrants, but that's still not much, especially when you have 5 people in the household.

I think it's important to really think it out instead of pointing your finger and saying their thieves. If you were forced to leave your home country due to violence or economic instability, and move to a new country where you don't speak the language and there are strong racist overtones towards you and your family, you can't get a decent job, you are constantly in danger of being deported back to your violent country...then sure, I'd take advantage of the system in place. Absolutely.

I really don't think it's their fault. I think it is the fault of their home governments and the fault of the US' government for creating so many holes and not having a stronger, clearer system in place in which the undocumented immigrants who are living here (and often times are no bound here having birthed children on US soil making them citizens) have so semblance of rights or at least a basic protocol that deals with them.

I think there needs to be serious reforms in which worker permits are given to immigrants who come here. I work with immigrants and most don't want to stay here, but they are forced to because if they go home, they won't be able to get back in and they won't be able to make money.

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrants are part of the reason why the USA is in so much debt now. They just come over, and basically steal money (while the money may have been earned, they are not legal; it's no different than a terrorist's demand for money) to take back to their families in Mexico.
It wouldn't be a problem if a few percentage were doing this, but it's much more than just a few illegals.

The other problem is those that deliberately come over to get married (to become a legal citizen); Do you think we have run out of available men and women in this country?

And then, the USA, turns around (Barack and The Dream) to grant young illegals (in which their parents could easily be very well off like the posts above) automatic benefits that LEGAL citizens need to QUALIFY for.

We have our own (financial/economy) problems to deal with. We don't need yours as well.

And THIS is coming from a legal American citizen (first generation) with roots from Mexico.
I'm not going to pretend like illegal immigration is not part of the economic crisis.

Unknown said...

Blame the goverment for not act well against this type of crime not people trying to take advantage of something very easy to get on the streets. The system doesn't work well.