Friday, December 16

One Year of Blogging - Time for Vacation

The first post on Fred Fry International was made on 19 December 2004. With a feeling of accomplishment, I have just made the 100th post to FFI. Just in time for the blog's first year anniversary.

By June 1, 2004, FFI had managed to make only 6 posts. Scott at Environmental Republican commented on a possible reason for my initial lack of posting:

Fred Fry starts a post about license plates and doesn't end it until 30-days later. He's so tired, he can't write anything in March. - Environmental Republican

All I can say in reply was that I became a dad at the end of January.

Eventually I adapted to my new position and I grew into blogging. It didn't hurt that there was no shortage of issues to blog about.

In celebration of surviving a year in the blogosphere and in celebration of Christmas, the family and I are off to Finland for vacation. Yes, Finland.

I may or may not manage to post while there. So:

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

I'll be back by 5 January. Until then:

Some info on Finland:
Finland – The Good, The Bad, and The Stupid - 10 June 2005

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scott said...

As good an excuse as any. Merry Christmas form the Environmental Republican.