Sunday, December 11

CodePink Abandons Trip to Cuba

The extremists of CodePink were planning the challenge the US Government's ban on travel to Cuba by organizing a trip there for a large group of their followers. They knew that there was a possibility that there would be trouble, but had promised those who were going with them that they would handle the lawyer issue, right up to getting you through customs and immigration. Of course, once you were back in the US, you were on your own, figuring that there would be safety in numbers and that publicity would protect the lawbreakers.

How silly of CodePink to even think that the "Most Evil horrible President, Ever" would let them get away with something so foolish. Lucky for them, the Treasury Dept. didn't waste any time in contacting them and warning them not to go. The warning was in the form of a threat:

We have some bad news to relay about the Cuba trip. We knew that this trip was a challenge to the Bush administration's restrictions on travel to the island.

However, we had anticipated that, as in the past, the government would either let us come and go without incident, or would send us a letter after we returned. Instead, we, CODEPINK, Global Exchange, and some of the participants have already received ominous letters from the Treasury Department, calling on us to "cease and desist" our plans for the trip, demanding the names of all the people who had signed up, and threatening us with a million dollar fine and ten years in jail.

When some individual participants received these letters, they canceled their plans - leaving us without the "safety in numbers." And while our organizations are willing to fight the government on this (Global Exchange has been fighting the travel restrictions for 15 years!), we feel that right we are too overloaded with other efforts, such as stopping the war in Iraq, to take on a prolonged legal battle right now. - CodePink

Nothing like belonging to an organization that might result in you ending up in jail. If I was in the Government I would have let them go on their trip. The fine money collected afterwards could have been used to help pay for the war.

I do have a suggestion for CodePink for an alternate New Year's celebration location. How about partying with your brothers and sisters in North Korea? The US Government will not stop you. Check the State Dept. link below for information how to do it, if you dare.

I ran into this group once. It was outside the White House. One of them had the "War is not the answer" sign. I asked her, "What is the answer?" The blank state I got in return was priceless.

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Kender said...

I think letting them go and then refusing them re-entry, or arresting them as Cuban spies, would have been funnier.