Wednesday, October 12

USSR Passport: Issued in 2000!

The USSR was no more as of 1991, or was it?

Take a look at this Soviet passport (personal details removed) and you can see that it was issued in 2000.

I am unable to find the issuing authority for these passports. Now I have learned that the Internet suffex '.su' for the Soviet Union is still in use. What's going on here?

This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where the Soviet Union returns (See video clip here)

Didn't we win the Cold War?

Soviet Union - Wikipedia
.su - Wikipedia
The Simpsons - Soviet Union

(St. Petersburg Metro Station, October 1999. The shadow in the right corner is a female security officer 'requesting' that I put my camera away, by yelling and putting a hand over the camera.)


Anonymous said...

Russia (and afew other former Soviet Countries) still issue passports on the old USSR stock. However, they are endorsed on the last page that they "are property of Ukraine" for example) For Russia, the endorsement is "The Holder of this passport is a citizen of the Russian Federation"

Josef Assad said...

Shame that that last vid i no longer available...