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Do we really want to Force Liberals to have more children? The Abortion Issue.

I am sick and tired of hearing about Roe v. Wade. It is almost as if the Supreme Court is going to hear only one case in the next twenty years.

Sure, abortion is a very sensitive issue no matter which side you stand behind. Unfortunately, neither side is willing to put forward a sensible solution. At its most basic level, abortion is merely one solution to the problem of an accidental pregnancy.

Listening to the PRO-CHOICE backers, one would think that there was ONLY one choice available, abortion. On the other side of the issue, the PRO-LIFE backers carry on with their message that it is ‘murder to stop a beating heart.’ For the large number of people who feel strongly (one way or the other) on this issue, it is very disappointing to me that only the extreme positions are being voiced.

Abortion is one of many choices available today. Not having an abortion is also a choice.

Women who do not want to have a baby have many choices to choose from in order to avoid becoming pregnant. Of course there is abstinence, but who are we kidding, abstinence is no fun. Nobody said that all of your choices have to be appealing and as it so happens, the most effective way to prevent accidental pregnancy just happens to be avoiding physical sex. Nonetheless, abstinence is a choice.

One thing that both sides need to accept is that they are going to have to accept a compromise situation. The Pro-Lifers, have a huge problem if they ever expect to ban abortions for even if they manage to get Roe v. Wade reversed, that will merely revert abortion regulation back to the states. New York was one state where abortion was legal prior to Roe v. Wade. So while some states might pass laws banning or severely restricting abortions, women can go to a neighboring state for the procedure. The Pro-Choicers are going to have their hands full trying to limit the tightening of restrictions on how late in a pregnancy a person can obtain an abortion, especially considering that modern technology now makes survival of ever-younger fetuses possible.

Every day a pregnant woman does not have an abortion is another day that she HAS CHOSEN to keep the baby. Being pro-choice works both ways. A choice is made and it is not only a choice to have an abortion but also a choice to have a baby.

At some point, you have to say enough is enough and stick with the choices that you have made the day before, and many days before that. Every day a woman keeps the baby, the baby is a day closer to surviving outside the womb. Once the baby gets to a certain point, say like 20 weeks, then she should commit to sticking with the pregnancy until giving birth. We all make agreements every day that we are held accountable to, and this should be no different. If you want to give the baby away once it’s born, then so be it and it should be easy to do this if a woman does not want to keep the baby.

But this is only half the issue. You seen, most of the time the woman who is looking for an abortion, never wanted to get pregnant in the first place. In this day and age many people that get accidentally pregnant get that way due to their own carelessness and (while some studies deny it) their own stupidity. There are so many ways to keep from getting pregnant. Sure no birth control method is perfect. However, there is no rule saying that you can use only one. Ideally, more than one should be employed to increase protection as well as protect against the possibility of failure of any one device. Getting pregnant is also not the only risk of having unprotected sex. While birth control pill will protect against getting pregnant, they do nothing about preventing the transmission of STD. So ideally the man should wear a condom no matter what type of birth control the woman is using. However, just using the pill (correctly) is a very effective form of birth control.

The Pro-Life group also needs to become more pro-active. Last fall I stopped by one of their booths located in a street fair in Front Royal Virginia. Not one item concerned safe sex or ways to prevent accidental pregnancy. There was not even anything on abstinence. When I asked why there was no prevention material available I was told that they are not allowed to hand out that type of material.

Abortion should not be the issue it is if those who keep shouting ‘woman’s choice’ explain to their children that they have choices they can make to avoid having to make the choice of having an abortion.

At the end of the day, each family has their own set of issues, concerns, cultural and religious beliefs and problems that they need to deal with. Not all Americans are religious. Many Americans have a problem with abortion, but some of them will still have one despite their convictions. I for one think that abortions should be legal, to a point, say 20 weeks. That’s five months into the pregnancy and past the halfway point. That is plenty of time to end the pregnancy and much more time that they spent deciding to have sex in the first place.

I also think that there should be models of the fetus for each of those 20 weeks so that each person asking for an abortion knows exactly what they are asking to be removed from them. There has been something similar that is being done in places and apparently some women do change their minds and that is pissing off the Pro-choice people.

To prevent unwanted pregnancies the Government should immediately approve use of the day-after pill in the US. Along with this, there is no room in this whole argument for pharmacists who refuse to dispense birth control pills. They should be fired for failing to carry out their job. If this is an issue, they should have realized this conflict of interest before going to school. I find their stance the most ridiculous as their refusal to distribute birth control might actually result in increased abortions.

Oh, yes, the title of this post. I find it strange that if the Pro-Lifers ever get their way, that would theoretically result in many more births to ‘liberal’ parents than ‘conservative’ parents. Just what the world needs, more moonbats....


Apparently I am not the only person bothered by this whole abortion issue. Reliapundit has a great post on this subject:


I agree with his post entirely. I would even think that this process might even be cheaper than artificial insemination, provided they figure out how to get the embryo to ‘stick’ inside the new mommy. Another benefit from artificial insemination is that there will not be all these fertilized eggs in freezers across the country.

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