Wednesday, September 7

Newsflash: Bush Not Running for Re-election!

In case you have not heard, President Bush, has decided against tearing up the Constitution and the 22nd Amendment and will not be running for reelection. Nor will he declare martial law and extend his rule as king.

As we all know, the Press has a hard time dealing with fact, so can someone pass this information to them because they are wasting their time blaming everything on the President. The Democrats will not be facing him at election time.

Strangly enough, the press is giving a free pass to those who most likely will be the Republican candidate for President. This in addition to anyone behaving recklessly who also happens to be a member of the Democratic Party.

If anything can be learned from President Clinton, the Presidents approval rating would most likely rise if the press actually finds a story that actually sticks to the President. (sympathy factor)

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