Saturday, August 25

Runaway Slave Movie: "The Size and Scope and Reach of Governemnt is the New Plantation"

Here is the trailer for a powerful documentary asking if the black community has traded one for of slavery for another. Vice President Biden was just called out for stoking the black community for his chains of slavery comment. 

This documentary noted that 'You don't need chains to be a slave' and suggests that Liberal (Democrat) policies have basically turned the greater black community (and the elderly for that matter) into their slaves, trading Government handouts for their votes. Think about it. What is the Democrats message about the 'Evil Republicans' - that they will take away your handouts. That you will have to support yourselves without Government entitlements. Without free Government healthcare. 

You have to wonder, after decades of Government programs to help the poor escape poverty, how is it that there are ever more poor people? More poor people who vote for Democrats. What is the product here?

Blacks are not the only one on the short end of the stick. Look at how those with taxable income are being treated. In short, they are evil. So are small business owners. the rich. Most everyone working, as long as it is not a Government job. As I covered before 'Democrats Hate Your Job'.

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