Saturday, August 11


I understand how conservatives would not be so excited about Republican nominee Mitt Romney. That said, his choice of Paul Ryan certainly re-centers his campaign into real conservative territory. Look, it really didn't matter who the Republican candidates were, it could have been Satan and that would have been who I would have voted for come November. Luckily, we have gotten much better. As liberal as Mitt Romney appears to be, he does seem to be in his heart a business man. You can see signs of this in his campaign in how quickly they act and how quickly they have forced the Obama campaign to react. This is good, the campaign should be run like a business.

In line with that, our country is going to have to make some tough choices in the next couple of years to fix our spending and entitlement problem. Paul Ryan has been one of the few Congressmen to step forward and suggest real and sustainable changes. All the Obama Administration and Democrats have been able to manage is increased spending and intentionally not adopting a budget for the last three years. On top of that, they have been playing games with the budget numbers that if they did the same thing in the private sector, they would be facing jail time.

Romney - Ryan is a much better choice than Satan and it is heads and tails better than the current disaster of a President running the country into the ground right now.

I'm all in. Lets win then. Then we can push those we elect to remember the real work that needs to be done. And that should start by removing all of the Obama political appointees.

Video found at Ace of Spades.

Bonus - At 1 minute into the ad, there is a shot of kids working a lemonade stand. I'm guessing that didn't end up in there by accident.
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