Wednesday, January 4

Romney Is 2012's McCain...

I had been thinking this for a while now and John McCain's endorsement of Romney seals it. We ended up with McCain as the Republican nominee in 2008. Nobody wanted him and all that did was help the current president win his job. Now four years later we are looking at going down the very same road with Romney. And for what it's worth, the guy that nobody wanted in 2008 comes out to back the guy that nobody (really) wants in 2012 (other than his strong base). Look, no matter who is the nominee for the Republican party, I'll be voting for him in November. I was asked over Christmas by a liberal cousin of mine who I liked on the Republican side. My response was simple. I like the guy who gets nominated. After all, it doesn't matter while one I support, he'll (and every other Democrat) will have problems with my choice. So, I choose the nominee. It could be Satan (or Ron Paul, God Help us) that's the guy i'll be voting for. Looking back at the 2008 Primaries, it seems that I was all the willing to vote for Romney, for no other reason that he would be better than McCain. Go figure:
I'm left with Romney and McCain.

My first thought is to write in Thompson. No, that's not right. Not unless there is some sort of massive write-in organized, and that will never happen. So I guess I will vote for Romney. Now I just need to get excited about it. Well it will be excitement enough if he beats whoever the Democrats push forward. And when that happens, there will be no shortage of lost marbles on the left. That has to be worth a good laugh.
Rusty at The Jawa Report expresses a strong case for supporting Romney in his post "Fredheads, It's Time to Support Mitt". Thanks Rusty. - 22 Jan 2008
2012 is only just starting. Given that Gingrich has atoned for his ad with Pelosi, he is a very viable option, as is Santorum. So lets see who we line up to support this year. After all, nobody expect McCain in 2008...

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Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is infinitely unlikable and that makes him un-electable. He makes people scowl, even diehard Republicans like me. His politics are suspicious and his jokes aren't funny. He just has that slime-factor. Why not Ron Paul? We've tried politicians. Can we now try a business man? It's impossible that he will make all of the changes he suggests. What if he only made 20% of them? We'd be better off. Let's give him four years and see what he can do. After all, we gave paparazi-loving Obama four years and we can see all of the things he didn't do.