Wednesday, March 23

The US is Going to Have to Take an Axe to the Budget

One thing that has become quickly clear to me while listening to all the talk inCongress of the Continuing Resolutions to fund the Government and just what to cut in terms of spending, that is it going to be impossible to 'apply a scalpel' to the US Budget and carefully cut spending. there are two problems with such a method. First, most every dollar of spending has some Congressman ready to stand up and speak against cutting it. And second, the sheer amount of overspending, around 40% of all spending is borrowed, there is no way that we will be able to get Congress to selectively cut a tiny fraction of that amount.

Ace of Spades has been covering the budget/debt problem for a while:
With just this year's spending, President Obama, Henry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have saddled us with debt that we will probably never pay back, and the White House budget (even before the CBO corrections) agrees. It doesn't even try to pay back these deficits - in fact it doesn't even balance the budget. Ever. - Ace of Spades
I think it is time to axe the budget by starting with a new budget where each kind of spending needs to be justified with total spending limited by the amount of expected revenues.

Does this mean that I want to cut Head Start? Damn right it does. I already pay for two children of my own. It is a responsibility of parents. Shame on the Government for deciding that I should also contribute to support children of other parents.

The budget Axe. It's the new scalpel. It needs to be.
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