Friday, March 11

Democrats, Muslims, Gun Owners and Tea Partiers

This week the Democrats displayed near unlimited concern that a group of Americans might be unfairly labeled for the actions of a few bad actors within that group:
Republicans criticized their counterparts for cloaking the debate in political correctness by questioning the constitutionality of targeting a specific group. Several Democrats suggested a broader hearing that would look at extremism of all kinds.

“I cannot help but wonder how propaganda about this hearing focusing on the American Muslim community will be used by those who seek to find a new generation of suicide bombers,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the panel’s ranking member.

But Rep. Paul Broun said such arguments miss the point: that al-Qaida and other organizations are successfully radicalizing youth in Muslim American communities.

“We need to know exactly who our enemy is. We need to focus on that enemy and not let political correctness deter us from that,” the Georgia Republican said. “I think political correctness is also an enemy.” - Roll Call
Personally I think the hearings are needed. After all, all things being equal, which community is most likely to breed terrorists inside the US?

Too bad that the Democrats, who are so quick to come to the defense of one community are as quick to label and slander other groups such as pro-life supporters, gun owners, tea party supporters, anti-illegal immigration advocates, conservatives, Republicans and anyone who does not keep in step with their own radical agenda.

Also, too bad that the Democrats are so complicit with refusing to acknowledge actual cases of violence committed by those they defend while accusing persons on the right of fostering violence that never manifests itself.

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