Monday, August 16

There is no reason to build a mosque at or near Ground Zero

Like many people, I have been following the Ground Zero Mosque. Of course, the President has to weigh in on the side of the mosque builders. Unfortunately, a real President would have sided on the signs of Americans in opposition to building this mosque where they want to.

Here are some issues I have with the Ground Zero Mosque.

As noted on the Ace of Spades Blog, they want to build this right against the Ground Zero site.

Along with the location issue, just how many muslims live in lower Manhattan? There can't be all that many given that it is a business area. There does not appear to be many at all given this search in Google Maps, which shows only a few mosques and centers in all of Manhattan.

The lack of mosques in Manhattan in general is a perfect example of how this new mosque is not needed. After all, it is not like Manhattan was built yesterday and they had not yet gotten around to building the mosque. New York City is one of America's oldest cities and has been around for a couple hundred years. There is a reason why there are no large mosques in Manhattan.

This brings out another issue in that Islam has no real historical roots in Manhattan. There is no abundance of mosques up in Northern Manhattan where Harlem is, where you would think there would be, if anywhere. Islam was just not present. So why should some outsiders all of a sudden simply be allowed to shove a mosque in where it doesn't belong.

Mosque building is a funny thing. I have been to a number of muslim countries. In general, muslims build two things; mosques and bombs. Sure, you have places like Dubai, which has built a whole city out of the sand. But that was not based on any sort of rational decision-making. Cities grow because they are alive. Dubai was built with the idea that if you build it they will come. That seems to be the same idea with this mosque. Manhattan was built into a great city because the people came to it and it grew from that life.

Finally, as a larger issue, I do not think that Islam in general is a religion that is compatible with the spirit of the US. It is repeated over and over that the 9/11 terrorists are not symbolic of islam in general. In they they hijacked islam. My position is that this is representative of islam. Because if islam was hijacked, why is there no evidence of that. (See my post: Islam was not Hijacked)

So if the builders of the Obama-endorsed Ground Zero mosque want to exert their right to build a mosque on the edge of an islam-invoked terror-site. I look forward to others invoking their right to not help them in their task. There is already a call for construction workers to take a pledge not to help build the mosque. That is a great start. There are lots of others who can join in that pledge as well to thwart the construction, such as truck drivers, suppliers, equipment lessors, etc. New Yorkers and Americans in general can do anything they put their mind to. the Government for some reason has seen fit to endorse this project. It is now up to the people to stop it.
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Violeta said...

I totally agree with you.
There are not so many if any muslims living in this area and even if they were, they should have the decency and not support such a project that hurt all the Americans.The twin towers were The American symbol!!!

Anonymous said...

For that matter, Judaism, Christianity, Budism and any other non-native-American religion has no roots in America.


jweir509 said...

Non-Muslim says: Become better educated, you sound extremely biased and quite honestly I cannot take someone seriously if they are stuck on one perspective without considering the opposing views, or at least providing/including them to their readers. Second, please learn proper grammar if you're concerned at all with being taken as a serious writer.