Wednesday, August 25

Japanese Dolphin Kill Documentary 'The Cove' to Air on the Animal Planet channel

The Japanese Dolphin slaughter documentary will be shown on Animal Planet on Sunday night. So if you have not seen it yet, now is your chance:
Academy Award Winner, The Cove chronicles activist Ric O'Barry's fight to reveal the monstrous dolphin massacres that are taking place in various pockets of the world's waters, capturing the wrongdoings of the secretive dolphin industry in Taiji, Japan. - Animal Planet
Here is a trailer of the documentary. I have watched it and found it to be very interesting as well as very disturbing. The Japanese people should be very ashamed that this is going on in their country. As if killing whales under the ruse of 'research' wasn't enough already.

Trailer link.

Visit the documentary website here.

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Eagle1 said...

Not a big fan of accepting cultural differences, then?

Fred Fry said...

No, guess not. But I really enjoy watching the Sea Shepherd activists getting their asses kicked by the Japanese and their own incompetence!