Friday, June 25

Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson Wanted by INTERPOL

Personally, I am surprised that it has taken this long for the Japanese to start seriously fighting back:
TOKYO -- The leader of a U.S.-based anti-whaling organization is now on an international wanted list for allegedly masterminding the group's disruption of Japanese whale hunts in the Antarctic Ocean, Japan's coast guard said Friday.

The move - done at Japan's request - signals Tokyo's escalating anger against the Sea Shepherd group, which it accuses of putting whalers' lives at risk during the annual Antarctic hunt.

The Canadian founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Paul Watson, 59, has been on the Interpol list since Wednesday, Coast Guard spokesman Shinichiro Tanaka said. He said Watson's whereabouts is unknown. - Washington Post
I am pretty curious to see what the Japanese would do to him if they manage to get their hands on him.

As for Sea Shepherd, I am wondering if their luck is starting to run out. With them now attacking tuna fishermen in the Med, I would think that lawsuits will start to pile up and eventually some country is going to arrest their vessel the STEVE IRWIN as part of a lawsuit.

No. I do not think the Japanese should be whaling. Also, I always thought that the tuna cause was a more fitting task for Sea Shepherd, it being an area where they had more potential to make an impact. No comment yet concerning what they ended up doing 'for the tuna'.
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Eagle1 said...

Fred, you better watch out or the "Information Office" is going to forward your information.

And you know what a serious threat that is . . .

Fred Fry said...

And I just got myself off the no-fly list!!!

Anonymous said...

to bad
SeaShepherd always tries NOT to hurt anyone

yes they are in the med now
but hey there where a lot of navy vessels and they did not take action against SeaSheperd, instead they let them do their thing

btw the "STEVE IRWIN" is flagged in the Netherlands
so they are under Dutch law ;)

Fred Fry said...

Navy vessels are not normally policemen. Do not confuse lack of action to mean approval of their tactics.

Also, do not take the Netherland's flagging the STEVE IRWIN to mean approval of their tactics either. After all, they declined to flag the BOB BARKER.

Basically, confronting this group is a big fat hot potato. Nobody wants to be bothered with having to put up with 'green' fanatics protesting actions against this group. That said, Canada seized a Shepherd vessel a while back and I think that charges are still open against the officers of the ship.

Anonymous said...


Regarding the Interpol item and miseleading information by "Fred Fry".

Here is clarification & the actual information:

Interpol has multiple categories of list, one is a Red Notice. Another is a Blue Notice, this is *not* an arrest warrant. All it is, is informational. It is sent to member states to keep them 'informed' as to a person's address. That's it.

What Fred Fry just posted was that Japan has managed to get them to put Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd on the *BLUE* list. That's not a warrant for anyones arrest. In fact, that doesn't even mean you are wanted for arrest. All a Blue List does is request information on where a person is. That's it. There are no charges. The person is not 'brought in' for anything. Paul Watson is still completely free to travel, properly documented, throughout any country, freely, and go wherever he wants.

In light of the revelations of Japan's corruption and bribery now uncovered in their actions during the IWC, (see here: ) no doubt this brings into question what influence Japan used in pressing them to get Paul Watson on the blue list.

Actually, none of this is news. Japan has tried this before. Japan trying to get people and Americans listed on the Interpol blue list is a regular occurance. In fact, they even tried it previously with Sea Shepherd. They do it every year. It's nothing new.

The last time Japan did this, Japanese whalers attempted to get two members Blue listed by interpol, and the US *refused* to recognize it. That is a right, and a stipulation of an interpol bluelisting. Anyone can refuse to recognize it. And that is exactly what the US did. A member must agree to receive the notice of it, but can decline it. For example, if the listing was done maliciously by a foreign power on Political grounds, such as the Soviets attempting to retrieve someone defecting to the US for example, or the Dalai Lama who is officially declared as a "terrorist" by the Communist Chinese, the United States declines it.

Japan did all of this before, and the United States ruled to throw out Japan's interpol blue notice, just like the US refuses to turn over the Dalai Lama to the Communist Chinese to be jailed or tortured. But... there are always a few radicals out there, like EaglsSpeak or Fred fry who would appease the Communist Chinese, root for turning in Soviet defectors seeking asylum and helping the US, or cheer turning people over to Cuba, or Japan, or Chavez, or Iran or other questionable states. But thankfully the majority of good Americans aren't like that, and don't cheer to turn in Americans and US residents over to questionable or rogue states.

Eagle1 and Fred Fry are now backing interpol actions against US residents pushed by a foreign entity which previously attacked the US and killed American servicemen. Likely they would also back this interpol action below, too, where a foreign power (leftist dictator Hugo Chavez) filed an Interpol BLUE notice against a man who ran a media station that Chavez absorbed and took over. Chavez tried to use Interpol to arrest the freedom fighter.

It is highly interesting though, that Eagle1 and Fred Fry are cheering one of the few, if only, entities that attacked American soil. (The Japanese)

"EagleSpeak" posted he would gun down Americans, and is now cheering a foreign power that actually committed a sneak attack on US soil and killed US citizens and servicemen, and though here we are years later, and hopefully that is long past, it's interesting to note that EagleSpeak leaping to blame america first, and betray, even shoot American citizens, and Fred Fry is quick to back him up. EagleSpeak, who vowed to shoot Americans though, is quite the US betrayor. With Fred Fry colluding not far behind.


Fred Fry said...

1 - Read the story. Actually, all the stories note that he is wanted. This is not my imagination. Real the quote that in included in the post.

While you point out that this 'blue notice' is a request for information. You fail to point out that this notice for information is issued due to connection to a crime. You can't just ask for information on anyone. And if you think that Paul Watson is not wanted by the Japanese then you need to stop taking drugs. Pete Bethune is going to be an example of what awaits Paul Watson if the Japanese manage to catch him.

2. Paul Watson is Canadian, resident in the US. Being a US resident gives him no privilege with me. He is a guest in my country and frankly the fact that this organization is based in the US brings discredit to my country.

3. You are comparing today's Japan to the Japan of WWII? Really?!?! The US brought down that country and rebuilt the Japan of today.

4. You are an idiot. I am against Japanese whaling, however idiots like Watson a people like yourself make me root for the Japanese. Really, how can the Japanese ran and sink a vessel that is much faster than their's? Because they are stupid and cocky to boot.

bluetrue said...

The SSCS is a lying conning fraudulent organisation on the road to no where. Those who have supported Watson and this group of liars are waking up. The Japanese will have their chance to sink his ship in the SO next season if he has the guts to go on the next illegal campaign of course. I hear hes paying the Greens to support him in Australia and some Australian Federal Police to turn a blind eye also Australian tuna fisherman. Cheats never prosper.

graham is awsome said...

ya well fu*k you they hav officaly sent the japanese home early and the japanese are also considering not comeing back to the antaric ocean for ever so sux tht

graham is awsome said...

ya well sea shepherd has offically shut down japanese whaling so suk tht