Wednesday, June 16

Like Pandora Radio? You'll Love the Logitech Squeezebox!

OK, this is basically an ad. And if for some reason you buy one using the link below, I'll earn a little change. THAT SAID, I just thought I would post about this wireless internet radio simply because it is way better than I expected. It is so good that I just got my second one.

If you love digital music, but wish it could be as simple as just turning on the radio, Logitech Squeezebox Boom lets you listen to Internet radio, music services and even your own music files. Just turn it on, pick the station, the artist, the podcast or the playlist and go. It’s a player that’s easy to use, easy to play anywhere in your house. With Logitech Squeezebox you can listen to everything your computer can play – without the computer as a middleman.

Discover your infinite playlist with Squeezebox Boom:

Free Internet Radio
If your radio tastes have no geographic limitations, the Logitech Squeezebox Boom lets you listen to music, news and sports from every corner of the internet. Tune into a jazz station from Paris, sports coverage from Chicago, or NPR news. All without being stuck in front of your computer.

Listen to thousands of local, international and commercial-free stations, all streamed to Squeezebox Boom from sites such as and Live365. Or access music services like Pandora to create and discover playlists of songs and artists that sound similar to the ones you already love. And with Logitech's free online service,, you can access all the Internet radio stations and online music services even when your computer is turned off.

Your Personal Music Collection
Stream songs stored on your PC or Mac through the Squeezebox Boom in your kitchen, bedroom or any room in your house. You won't have to run wires or bring your computer to another room to listen to the songs you love. With the handheld remote and onboard display, your favorite tunes—and millions of new ones—are at your fingertips.
Setup takes a little time simply because you have to configure it to log into your wireless network and then have to then start linking to stations. There was nothing difficult about it and you just have to set it up once.

Some cool features:
  • If you want to listen to a radio station from far away or overseas and it has a web feed, you probably can. My wife is from Finland and she can now listen to Finnish radio without having to turn on the computer.
  • You can listen to your Pandora radio stations directly from the radio.
  • You can control the radio via the radio's website. I can turn the radio on from work and see what is playing on it. (the wife does not think that is a cool feature given how I have scared her turning it on!)
  • It takes advantage of that 'always on' internet connection you are paying for.
You can also put a music server on your computer to play your music. I have done that and used it once, but in general I stick to listening to Pandora or a couple stations that I like.

One station that I like is Radio Paradise. Check them out.

That's about it. If anyone is doing anything cool with one of these, leave a message. One feature they mention when you have multiple radios is that you can sync the radios to play identical music. I have not tried that yet as I just got the second radio yesterday.
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